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Patch 3
Patch 3 is targeted at our next most common support requests, fixing the next most common crashes, as well as trying to help players who have become stranded or have corrupted their save files.

Stranded in Space Station
If you died in your ship while in atmosphere of a planet with a damaged ship, you could respawn in a space station with your launch thrusters and pulse engine damaged. If you did not have the resources to fix them then you could no longer take off and be stuck there. This will no longer happen.

Loading Corrupted Save Files
Some players have corrupted save files, we’ve been working with them to still load saves even if they are corrupted (this can happen for many reasons outside of the games control). This fix has allowed many players to still load their save even if they have become corrupt on PC.

Crash fixes for next three most commonly reported issues:
- As the player gathers a huge amount of discoveries, there was a threading issue that becomes more prevalent the more discoveries you have, and could cause the game to crash.
- If you had collected a large number of blueprints, in a specific order it was possible to crash the game when you received a new blueprint. This has been fixed.
- Players who set a large number of waypoints could find themselves in a situation where they could crash the game in the Galactic Map, this is remedied now (PS. A better waypoint system is coming).

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trudno bulо perevesti ?
Xenomorph_drone #
Лишь бы заработать бонусы...
MakssGame #
ничего существеного
прикольный перевод получается)))

"- По мере того как игрок собирает огромное количество открытий, была проблема нарезание резьбы, которая становится все более распространенным, чем больше открытий у вас есть, и может привести к зависанию игры."

чего чего а с нарезанием резьбы в этой игре точно проблем не было)
MakssGame #
Если бы гугл мог переводить нормально, то я бы и выкладывал нормальный перевод. Задолбали флудить.
Так это старый патч, Patch 3. А сейчас уже есть Patch 7
MakssGame #
Александр Исаев
Как только, так сразу!
мне при попытке установить выдал сообщение см.выше, у меня gog версия, в чем может быть проблема?