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NVidia Inspector

Описание и инструкции

Свежая версия популярного софта для кастомной настройки дравера видеокарт NVidia.

Обновиться можно непосредственно из прошлой версии программы.

В новой версии программа разделена на два модуля.

Кому нужно подробностей - го в ветку автора со словарем.) GURU3D

NVIDIA Inspector - Version (.NET Framework 2 or above)

- replaced old ROP calculation with new API call, this schould fix ROP count for Maxwell 2 cards with reduced L2 Cache
- increased unlocked UI clock limit for non boost states to fix error with memory clocks beyond 4000MHz
- improved max boost clock estimation for maxwell
- completely removed settings profile editor from main application, it is now deployed as standalone application

NVIDIA Profile Inspector - Version (.NET Framework 4 or above)

- completely reworked settings engine backend
- removed update detection / autoupdate
- updated to latest available settings api R352
- added stereo setting name detection from driver lib (thx to DarkStarSword)
- default custom setting names are now embedded to the exe file, and can be extracted with command line switch "-createCSN"
- added some GSYNC settings to CSN
- profile export now exports only customized settings without the nvidia predefined settings
- profile import now resets the profile to current driver defaults before import
- changed framerate limiter value selection to predicted fps instead of the raw api value
- you can drag'n drop nip files or application shortcuts now

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