Obduction "Update 1.5.1 GOG"

Описание и инструкции

Changelog for Patch 1.5.1 (added 31 March 2017):

- This is the first of two hotfixes. We are working hard to address the issues brought up by the community.

Known issues:
- nVidia Lens Matched Shading is temporarily disabled on HTC Vive while we investigate an issue we found.
- Teleport mode has trouble moving the player through some portals in game. We're aware of the issue, are working on it now, and expect to have a fix for the issue in the next update.

- Kaptar
- Fixes to stop the player from being pushed off of the rotating bridge
- Guides should now show correctly on the winch
- Tweaks to stop the player getting caught on collision
- Hunrath
- Improvements to various buildings to stop players from putting their head through solid walls while in VR
- Adjusted collision on Swing Bridge
- Player should no longer be able to get stuck behind the gas tank
- Fixed up the scrapyard bucket ride. Bucket should no longer shake the player when descending.
- Fixed bad lighting in Farley's house
- Fixed bad reflections in Farley's house
- Improved lighting on Hunrath tower
- Art tweaks to Hunrath tower

- Misc tweaks for player collision with interactive objects
- Game should no longer start SteamVR while running in desktop mode
- Player should no longer be able to reach through and teleport beyond locked portals
- Player is no longer allowed to pause the game during the ending sequence
- Fixed the issue where the Vive tracking would seem to fail in pause menu
- Fixed teleporting into disabled dome
- Fixed the tape recorder being hard to reach while seated in VR
- The tape recorder should no longer rocket you to the moon
- Tape recorder should no longer dissapear when set down
- The tape recorder will no longer cause a crash when placed below the player's feet
- Players can no longer use teleport mode to enter the water
- Kaptar coupler controls should work correctly with motion controls in non-teleport mode
- Player can no longer use teleport mode to enter the large sphere in Hunrath while it's spinning
- Tweaks to keep the teleport arrow on the ground
- Improvement to resolution quality on Vive
- Made the Vive menu a fair bit larger

- Fixes for some textures in VR
- Introduced click to teleport instead of touch to teleport on Vive controllers due to touch sensitivity issues on the Vive controllers
- Improvements to displaying books in VR
- Misc tweaks to help reduce players falling from rides and elevators
- Fixes for the end of the credits sequence
- Tweaks to motion controllers interacting with some levers
- Improvements to Teleport mode arrow, should no longer show up in incorrect locations
- Fixed a couple of odd conditions where the player can fall out of the world

- Tweaks for the menu when in VR standing and seated modes
- Updated UIs for Oculus Touch and Vive motion controls
- Oculus and Vive UIs should no longer overlap
- Tweaks to the menus while using an Oculus Rift

- Menu updates for De, Fr, It, Pt, Ru, Sp