Патч Bombshell " GOG"

Описание и инструкции


  • Cutscenes now work throughout the game (including the hallway in the first level)
  • Enemies now announce their attack when they spot the player
  • Removed splash damage on PMS
  • You can now tap "Y" on an Xbox controller to switch to the next weapon, and double tap "Y" to change to the previous weapon. You can hold "Y" to open the weapon wheel as per usual
  • Amiga no longer gets damaged by enemy bullets
  • Changed Holoshell icon
  • Holoshell will be teleported near the player if too far away
  • Possible fix for A1 cutscene issue
  • Tweaked Abomination Health to make the boss less frustrating
  • Tweaked Pickup Health amount. Changed HP pickup to 70 across the board
  • Executions instantly skippable by using the activate button
  • Weapon Effects improved to create more interesting visuals


  • Устанавливать только на версию от GOG.
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=версии 1.2.10466 (одна и та же версия, просто разная нумерация из-за продажи в нескольких магазинов: Steam и GOG)