Патч Bombshell "Update 1.1+Free DLC"

Описание и инструкции


New Features, Tweaks, Bugfixes, and Additions:

  • Overall enemy placement and "Filler Areas" have been drastically improved.
  • Default Camera is zoomed out 25% more.
  • Complete control overhaul. Aiming is now extremely precise.
  • Enemies will only shoot at you while being on screen.
  • Enemy XP and Moneydrops increased.
  • All levels now have an "Exit" sign at the extit of the level.
  • Directional Pointer (Controller) have been raised.
  • Kyrron Drift Bruisers now have a bigger hitbox.
  • Hovering mouse over enemies will indicate which enemy you point at.
  • Camera Peek Tutorial added to B1.
  • You'll now be able to shoot at jumping enemies just as they jump or land.
  • You can now hold the Fire button to continously fire even when performing other actions such as abilities.
  • Primary and Secondary objectives are now colorcoded on the minimap.
  • NPC's now appear on minimaps.
  • You can now bind all mouse and keyboard buttons, including mouse side buttons.
  • New controller layouts added.
  • Arrow added to Minimap, pointing in the direction of the main objective.
  • C1 minimap fixed.
  • New Crosshairs added for all weapons.
  • New option added to enable "Camera relative to movement" for mouse/keyboard players.
  • New option added to hide the objectives UI element.
  • New option added to enable a new HUD called "Minimalist".
  • New option added to disable Oneliners.
  • You can no longer detonate a bowling right as you throw it, to avoid blowing yourself up.
  • The game will now automatically switch between Controller Mode and mouse/keyboard by touching either the controller or the mouse/keyboard.
  • Hard Mode is now unlocked from the start.
  • Hard Mode difficulty has been tweaked.
  • The chance of Kyrron Scampers burying underground has been tweaked.
  • XP / Money rewards after solving quests will now trigger after conversations, instead of at the start of a conversation.
  • In rare occurrences some enemies would previously stand still without being able to fight. This has been fixed.
  • Respawning after dying no longer happens at the checkpoint. Instead you'll now respawn at the death location, with time-based invincibility. If you fall off a ledge you'll restart at the checkpoint.
  • Steam Trading Cards added.
  • -ump indicator added. The indicator appears below Bombshell when jumping, to indicate where you will land.
  • You can no longer die during cutscenes.
  • A particle effect will now appear on Bombshell when leveling up.
  • Tutorial Mission added for Ghost Shell.
  • Tutorial Mission added for Accelerator Boots.
  • Tutorial Mission added for Enemy Aim-Lock.
  • Weapon descriptions have been updated.
  • Shellshock now has a Charge-Up effect.
  • Broken achivements now working.
  • You can now Zoom in and out using the mouse scroll wheel. You can also Zoom in and out in the Options menu.
  • -Kyrron Scampers now have lower health.
  • Weapon sounds improved.
  • Laser Sight added by default for Mouse/Keyboard controls.
  • Upgrades are now cheaper, to allow faster progression.
  • Weapon upgrades now require a lower level character.
  • Weapon Ammo Capacity has been doubled for most weapons.
  • The Mouse Deadzone has been tweaked to allow faster aiming.
  • Force Feedback can now be turned off.
  • All Weapons and Stats have been tweaked and balanced.
  • If you pick up 2 Power Enhancers in succession the second Power Enhancer will add to the timer.
  • The Continue Button in the main menu has now been moved to the top. This will make it easier and faster getting into the game.
  • Air Control has been re-worked completely, and is now more precise.
  • Player can no longer re-spawn in mid air, if getting killed while standing on a moving platform.
Free DLC Added:
  • New Shellshock Challenges DLC added.  The Shellshock missions are Tron-Style Challenge missions, which can be unlocked sequencally.

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