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Патч C&C Generals Zero Hour v1.05e (English)

Описание и инструкции

Копируем файл "patch1.05e.rar" в "CommandConquerZeroHour\Zero Hour"(корневая директория с игрой) и там распаковываем, при вопросе о подтверждении файлов - подтверждаем.


Global Zero Hour Changes
Armies always show up in loading screen for everyone.
This is mostly done to benefit China. Previously, China had no means to discover the army of the opponent in random games, which meant it either had to take a gamble and randomly choose a build order and hope for the best, or it had to use a generic one, but we all know how effective those are.

All tanks' rocket resistance increased.
Damage taken by rockets from 100% to 80%.
The tank units in Zero Hour died too easily to a rocket infantry/anti-air combo without doing much in return, they didn't move fast enough and cost too much. Garissoned rocket infantry were also a bitch to deal with. Basically, they sucked, with China having no decent substitutes, so this compensates.
Note that in 1.05c, the damage taken from rockets was cut back to 75%, which was a bit too much. Though arguably the weaker tanks such as Vanilla China Battlemasters, Crusaders and Nuclear Battlemasters could use this boost, Tank's elite Battlemasters as well as Overlords and Paladin Tanks were too hard to kill with rockets. We chose for the middle ground, the rocket resistance has still been boosted a fair bit and works out nicely.

All tanks' toxin resistance increased.
Damage taken by toxins from 25% to 15%.
In much the same way as versus rockets, tanks didn't fare too well versus toxins either. Especially China, a heavily tank-based army, had no true means of destroying Toxin Tunnels. Add GLA's superior camping ability and you have an impossible matchup. Not to mention Toxin Rebel Ambush destroying your entire army every four minutes.

All infantry toxin resistance increased.
Damage taken by toxins from 100% to 60%, for China Infantry from 60% to 40%.
For China Infantry in particular, but also for other factions, this slightly increases the viability of infantry versus Toxin Tunnels in particular, but also Attack Outposts versus TechRPG/Toxin Rebel combinations.

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