Патч Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor v2.501 RU&EN

Имя файлаCOHOF_EN_2400_2500_Patch.exe
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Tales of Valor Features

- Added new Reward Vehicles:

- American T17 Armored Car

- American M18 Hellcat

- British Staghound

- British Kangaroo Carrier

- Wehrmacht Schwimmwagen

- Wehrmacht Geschutzwagen

- Panzer Elite Scwimmwagen

- Panzer Elite Hotchkiss

- Added new 'Operation' Modes:

- Panzerkrieg

- Assault

- Stonewall

General Features

- Added new standard multiplayer maps

- 2p Flooded Plains

- 2p Beach Assault

- 4p Achelous River

- 4p Ecliptic Fields

- 8p King of the Hill

- Updated the Front End UI.

- Numerous fixes and enhancements.

- Updated all versions of the game to be compatible with Tales of Valor.

- Tuned Leaderboard distribution.


- A number of bug fixes and tuning changes have been implemented.



- Fixed an issue where a glider shot down in mid-air would prevent the commonwealth faction from being ‘annihilated’

- Fixed an issue where the game could crash if a player was alt-tabbed during the count-down and loading screens

- Fixed an issue where in some cases Deploy Marksmen and Canister Shot could not be used on team weapons.

- Hotkeys have been added for the Italian version

- Caen campaign NISs were missing sound in the German version of COH, it has been re-added

- Fixed an issue where units would rush into point-blank range when told to attack an un-setup team weapon, instead of shooting from max range

- Fixed an issue where a scorched point that had repairs begun on it, but were interrupted, would not allow repairs to restart on it for an unintended duration

- Fixed crash on Tiger Ace Mission 3

- Improved memory usage when environmental reverb is disabled

- Improved CoH’s ability to notice new keys to make purchasing from ESDs a better experience

- Fixed sync error that would occasionally happen when one player drops in a multiplayer game

- Fixed a bug with reward vehicles and LAN games

- Fixed a bug related to swapping factions when starting a multiplayer game

- Fixed a crash related to queuing up commands before all players have finished loading in a multiplayer game

- Fixed an issue where the Direct-Fire cursor would not change to capture-cursor when moved over Victory or Munition points when Direct-Fire is active

- Fixed Churchill flamethrower to work with Direct-Fire

- Fixed tank MGs to fire while in Direct-Fire mode

- Fixed numerous issues with saved games crashing when certain abilities were activated

- Fixed an issue where the sounds of HMG rounds would continue to play after death

- Fixed some issues with glider sounds

- Fixed ocean ambience in Point-du-Huc

- Fixed blocking object placement on 4p Vire River Vally

- Fixed blocking object placement on 6p Villers Bocage

- Fixed blocking object placement on single player Villers Bocage

- Improved Stukka sounds

- Improved audio in Tiger Ace campaign

- Improved UI for many lobby screens

- Numerous help text updates


- The British Staghound will no longer gain veterancy like American vehicles

- An unintended resource income modifier for players in team games that was added in 2.4 has been reverted due to unintended effects on gameplay

- King Tiger now costs 500 manpower to call-in

- Jagdpanther now costs 500 manpower to call-in

- Assault Grenades now incur damage and a stun effect; the help text still needs to be updated to reflect the new stun effect

- Panzerkrieg – The Hotchkiss’ capturing speed has been decreased

- Fixed tread breaker long range shot for Panzerkrieg

- Panzerkrieg fix – occasionally when a tank’s main gun destroyed, it would not be repaired by the repair station

- Added community maps to the map pool:

- Added 2p Industrial Riverbed

- Added 2p Ruins of Rouen

- Added 4p Duclair

- Added 4p Road To Montherme

- Added 6p Red Ball Express

- Added 6p Vimoutiers

- Optimized 6p Villers Bocage

- Optimized 2p Lyon

- Due to the implementation of new abilities and addition of content for Tales of Valor, several hotkeys have been revamped:

- Unload = “D”

- Cut Wire = “W”

- Hold Fire = “D”

- Upgrade Demolitions = “O”

- Minesweeper Upgrade = “N”

- Plant Demolitions = “O”

- Quad .50 cal upgrade = “Q”

- Mine Clearing (crab) = “C”

- Throw Satchel = “L”

- Thompson Rifle upgrade = “P”

- Axis Assault = “L”

- Fire Panzerfaust = “Z”

- Observed Fire = “B”

- Supervise = “V”

- Throw Bundled Grenade = “B”

- Incendiary Grenade = “Y”

- Kettenkrad = “K”

- Panther Battle Ground = “P”

- Marder III = “M”

- Overdrive = “O”

- Sprint = “I”

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