Патч Dead State [Update v.]

Имя файлаv.
Размер9.84 Мб
Дата добавления
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Список изменений
Версия v.
  1. Fixed charge weapons losing ammo in shelter inventory.
  2. Fixed special music tracks getting overwritten by default music.
  3. Greatly improved out-of-combat pathfinding performance.
  4. Improved enemy movement towards noise.
  5. Fixed neutral enemy morale penalty triggering multiple times.
  6. Fixed crash related to double-clicking on some doors.
  7. Fixed crash caused by unusual Job Board errors.
  8. Fixed issue where allies not in the Scavenger Party would sometimes load into levels.
  9. Improved neutral NPC warning for campsite area.

Версия v.
  1. Fixed crash that occurred when attempting to load game without saves.
  2. Fixed an issue where changing graphic settings in-game caused visual glitches.
  3. Fixed text cut-off issues that occurred in some GUIs.
  4. Multiple pathfinding issues fixed.
  5. Fixed allies occasionally giving up on following you up or down stairs.
  6. Fixed most occurrences of characters occasionally sharing a square.
  7. Fixed an issue with enemies occasionally not attacking you.
  8. Fixed most occurrences of enemy 'pacing' in combat.
  9. Fixed issue where characters occasionally stopped a square or two away from their destination.
  10. Changed incorrect hovertext on pending custom portrait button - this is a planned post-release feature.
  11. Fixed incorrect data text.
  12. Adjusted/balanced morale loss and drain.
  13. Fixed game freeze that occurred when attempting to upgrade cars.
  14. Fixed Getz amount of time unavailable.
  15. Fixed a couple outstanding dialogue bugs.


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