Deponia Doomsday

Патч Deponia Doomsday 1.1.0239 - 7 April 2016

Описание и инструкции


  • Added Polish subtitles
  • Added: Missing subtitles and speechfiles in some languages
  • Fixed: Possible freezing of the game during walking sounds
  • Fixed: Localization errors and spelling mistakes in several languages
  • Fixed: Possibility of the cursor not changing anymore when over a hotspot
  • Fixed: Volume and timing adjustments to sounds and music
  • Fixed: Sound settings sometimes not resetting correctly to their former values after muting sound
  • Fixed: Sound sliders sometimes not placed in their correct positions
  • Fixed: Several wrongly placed autosaves
  • Added: Sound effects for some animations
  • Fixed: Missing atmosphere sounds after entering and leaving the menu in some scenes
  • Fixed: Graphic clipping issues in several scenes
  • Fixed: Missing or misplaced hotspot markings
  • Fixed: Several animations not placed correctly or showing graphical glitches
  • Fixed: Some animations not working properly
  • Fixed: Unusable hotspots after skipping certain animations
  • Fixed: Being able to interact in certain cutscenes which shouldn't be possible
  • Fixed: Mousewheel scrolling through savegames not working in certain situations
  • Fixed: Fewlock does not open the door again before the timer runs out
  • Fixed: Wenzel does not stop Rufus multiple times in the same time loop anymore
  • Fixed: Power inverter does no longer appear on the cursor after leaving the Chillbot minigame
  • Fixed: Click inventory button does no longer cover a certain collectable
  • Fixed: It's no longer possible to open the menu while using the blender
  • Fixed: Glasses no longer disappear from the cursor in the blender minigame
  • Fixed: It's no longer possible to skip the blender start animation
  • Fixed: Removed [Bing] from the elevator when no clave got hit
  • Fixed: Inconsistency of Ronny's font color
  • Fixed: Massager sounds can no longer be heard in adjacent rooms to the spa
  • Fixed: Rare occasion of Rufus getting stuck while moving in the spa
  • Fixed: Rufus no longer takes datasettes from everywhere in the petting zoo
  • Fixed: Subtitles for inventory item reactions now show correctly while using the Jackalope generator
  • Fixed: Missing exit in the Jackalope generator screen
  • Fixed: Appearance of a certain rabbit does not cause wrong cursor icons to be shown
  • Fixed: Wrong behaviour of Rufus' animation and menus after using the blocked elevator on the habitat ring
  • Fixed: Music now transitions to the right track when the Fewlocks attack
  • Fixed: Missing elder heads in the sauna
  • Fixed: Sometimes the wrong elder reacted to Rufus' actions in the sauna
  • Fixed: It's no longer possible to duplicate Rufus in the sauna by using the coals repeatedly
  • Fixed: Inadvertent display of the note when looking at the emergency console
  • Fixed: Fewlock cutscene in the lower docks can no longer be skipped by using the elevator exit
  • Fixed: Removed inventory function in the elevator terminal screen
  • Fixed: Rufus does no longer lose all items after initiating Elysium self-destruction
  • Added: McChronicle interactions before evacuation from Elysium
  • Fixed: Loading a savegame at the fairground returned the player back to Elysium sometimes
  • Fixed: Reactions to all items now show correctly when combined with Goal
  • Fixed: Damage numbers now show the correct values in the wombat battle in all languages
  • Fixed: Inconsistency of Nerdbert's font color
  • Fixed: It's no longer possible to take weeds from the front part of the campus
  • Fixed: Wrong behaviour when returning to the laboratory from interim time
  • Fixed: Invisible Rufus after returning to Paradox City with the Retardis
  • Fixed: Rufus can no longer leave the boundaries of Paradox city's core area
  • Fixed: Rufus can no longer leave the boundaries of the Elysium cluster in Paradox city
  • Fixed: Interactions with the planting bed at the hillbilly house now work correctly
  • Fixed: Items no longer vanish from the inventory in Paradox city
  • Fixed: It's no longer possible to catch Goal before she enters the portal in the Waste of Time
  • Fixed: Ronny's song can no longer be heard in the menu
  • Added: Fewlock idle animations when Ronny shows up
  • Fixed: Missing dialog option in telepathic conversation with Tuck
  • Fixed: Timepod animations in Kuvaq now work correctly
  • Fixed: The pink elephant can no longer be heard in the menu while chasing Rufus
  • Fixed: Rufus no longer walks to the wrong position when chased by the pink elephant in Elysium