Патч Divinity: Original Sin (GOG) 1.0.107-1.0.130

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Официальные обновления для GOG-издания игры Divinity Original Sin.

GOG-издание примечательно тем, что в нем отсутствует DRM-защита (!!!), о чем написано на странице игры сайта GOG.com (DRM-FREE. No activation or online connection required to play).

Требуемая версия игры - 1.0.107.

Список изменений (на английском)

Code fixes:

Leech only works in your turn

Rotation corruption fix in savegames

Unique object fix

Allow resurrect skills when vision is blocked

Added level names to localization

Added combination stats to loca parser

Added journal to loca parser

Fixed loca parsing paths

Localization of secrets fixed

Fixed bleeding damage scale

Next character in UI follows order of the character chain

Localized level names in lobby

No more invisible armour after character creation

No more double dialog log line after load

Ability, talent and stat tooltips in character creation take level into account

Fixed combinations with skulls, bones and sinew

Fixed henchman rotation in henchman ui

Updated Iggy, support for a fallback font

Fixed faulty dialog cleanup

Fixed bad savegame crash, now throws an error

Updated Troll and deamon voices to be more brutal

Tuned texture streamer to fix some objects using a lower resolution than needed

Texture streamer is more responsive now

Fixed players not getting the kick or refused connection message

Fixed character "walking through walls" when experiencing connection problems


Mac specific:

Fixed story random problem

Fixed memory crash

OpenGL experimental mode

Fixes to OpenGL renderer

Using ‘Terminal’ app you can now enable following tweaks:

1) Precise mouse tracking for low-end systems and for ‘touch’ to click functionality: defaults write com.larian.dos DelayMouseClicks -bool true

2) Completely disable any ‘bleeding’ notification centre popups: defaults write com.larian.dos DisablePopups -bool true

3) Enable performance GL tweaks: defaults write com.larian.dos EnableExperimentalGL -bool true


User Interface:

Added sorting in trade UI

No graphical artefact in scrolling of saveload, options, ...

Player portraits chain fix

Panel position reset fix

Improved long text visibility in dropdown menus

Enlarged container UI limit


Story and gameplay:

Made summons a bit less interesting for default targeting (AI)

Totem should not debuff specializations

Clarified error message during character creation when you don't have required skills or talents

Fixed end dialog on some dialogs

Added sound effect to burning ship

Fixed quest lose condition of burning ship

Removed burning status when ship is destroyed

Fixed the gossip keyword

Fixed philospohy of death, book and quest

Fixed Snorri tomb icon

Moved William water well, he got back at the wrong location

Fixed the prison key, it used to lie on the ground but now it's in the guards pocket

Hiberheim watcher synchronizaiton fix, the trap is always in sync now

Lawrence and Nadia dialog fix

Removed Free personality, changed Spirit to Free Spirit personality

These are all combat fixes, also most DF characters have been remade with new root templates because the level override didn't always work

turn ramon's chest indestructable


Note: for story and gameplay fixes, it is possible that a new game has to be started since not all story fixes can be pushed into existing savegames.


Editor fixes:

Fixed painting terrain corruption

Fixed ai grid save problem

Fixed problem with loading certain mods

Fixed crash when entering game mode

Crash fix in script parsing


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