Патч Divinity: Original Sin (GOG) 1.0.130 - 1.0.169

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Официальные обновления для GOG-издания игры Divinity Original Sin.

GOG-издание примечательно тем, что в нем отсутствует DRM-защита (!!!), о чем написано на странице игры сайта GOG.com (DRM-FREE. No activation or online connection required to play).

Требуемая версия игры - 1.0.130.

ВНИМАНИЕ!!! Для активации DLC "Медведь и Грабитель" ("The Bear and the Burglar") поместите файл 322490 в папку "C:\Users\имя\Documents\Larian Studios\Divinity Original Sin\DLC"

Список изменений (на английском)


Added listening functionality to dialogs. Now you can listen to ongoing dialogs and see the complete history to better follow what is being said.

Fixed issue with logging for cooperative dialogs

A lot of fixes for savegames that refused to load

Sheath/Unsheath fixed timing of attachment of shields.

Rare crash fix in specific script calls

Rare crash fix in extinguish surface action

Fading objects and fog triggers now work for all players instead of just the local player.

Fixed issue where rotation on objects could get corrupted, resulting in huge objects

Bugfix in character movement while mouse is pressed

Fixed some UI's that were always loaded in memory. Now they are loaded when needed.

Fixed issue when swapping character during a rock-paper-scissor minigame.

Fixed some doors that were blocking after they were destroyed

Added text bubble effect above characters in dialog

Dragging action will cancel when going into trade

Fixed rare crash with attachments on objects

Fixed rare issue where the mouse cursor could become corrupted

Weight can no longer become negative

Character should slide less when arriving at their target position

Dragging an item onto a container will put it in the inventory now

Correctly substract money when hiring henchman

Correctly delete item when adding to an inventory fails.

Fixed exclamation mark sometimes being attached wrong.

Fixed rare crashes when going to and coming from the Homestead

Fixed double spaces in combat log

Changed requirement from Crafing to Tenebrium to craft tenebrium weapons

Fixed issue with sheath/unsheat after sitting or sleeping

Fixed issue with wrong resurrecting event

Skillbar items in a container no longer get removed

Fix for surface sound underflow

Skill are reloaded when switching mods

Remove blackrot status when you have tenebrium ability

Added "Additional Content" menu to the main menu

Fixed issue where characters in combat could sometimes take characters out of the combat into account

Fixed issue with disconnected during the rock-paper-scissor minigame

Fixed issue where character sometimes dont follow after a load



War of the Bloodstones, some mountain men could be neutral during the war

Quest blocker in Nadia quest when you talk to Lawrence

Arhu thinks that everything you drop in his house is his property, is fixed

Issue with killing the Trife with companions without starting the end fight

Imps were not appearing on Mac version

AI mesh fixes at Baron of Bones house, now the player can teleport the chest in the southern room

Items on some graves drop under the ground when dug out

You could start a conversation with Lurrean while he was walking away

You could ask William to teleport you to Wally once the quest was solved, this is removed

Incorrect log entry on mushroom barrier removal

Couldn't select enemies that were inside click through bushes

Zou could talk to Yox while Frederick was approaching and the quest would hang

How to handle Tenebrium quest book had been increased to unlimited uses

Cyseal burning ship got a sound event, so you can hear it burn now

The Lawrence vs miners situation used to get blocked but that is fixed now

Teleport Mirror in Luculla Mines doesn't want to teleport companions


Note: a limited amount of these story fixes require you to start a new game



Battering Ram

Crushing Fist

Cure Wounds

Divine Light

Dust Devil/Whirlwind


Power Stance

Precision Stance

Power Stance

Precision Stance

Minor Heal

Slow Current

Bitter Cold




Overall audio balance has been updated.

The burning ship in Cyseal had sound (burning & sinking) which did not work, this has been fixed now.

Player weapons such as Two Handed Sword and Magic Staff got new dedicated sounds when sheathing their weapon.

The Orcs in the game now have extra foley sounds including a huge roar, a sobbing orc and a really gross ‘buttscratch’…

For the new area, dedicated ambient sounds have been added, as well as custom sounds for a very loathsome druid and some really disgusting fx for certain pigs


MAC Specific:

This update brings all Mac tweaking options into a single place. In order to use it you have to hold 'Command' key on game startup.

The new launcher has options to:


Don't show any OS X notification popups while in game. They won't even blink.

Disable Touch Support if you feel like it

Quickly click on OS X Path control to discover your saves directory

Temporarily switch game to windowed mode

Precisely track mouse and trackpad gestures and taps

Disable hardware fade and gamma effects

Enable OpenGL performance tweaks and a heap of assorted workarounds


Divinity Engine Editor:

Fixed some problems that existed when loading mods

Fixed some memory leaks

Added info when trying to save terrain that is not editable

Fixed saving new story items

Fixed story editor crash

Fixed crash when entering game mode

Fixed position of camera when switching between cameras


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    "Note: a limited amount of these story fixes require you to start a new game"

    Вот этот момент не понял. Заново начинать играть надо, чтоб в силу вступили некоторые фиксы, это как рекомендация или после установки патча продолжить начатую историю нельзя?
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    Фиг знает проверим. Думаю когда пройдешь главу какую они включатся ! за ново начинать не буду 120 часов уже играю!
    Он вроде на пиратку не ставится GOG версия раньше пробовал и х!
  • 0
    Качает хреново!
  • 0
    Новые персонажи, а также корректировка истории появляются только после начала новой игры
  • 0
    Скачай репак от GOG и будет тебе счастье
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    Переигрывать дану, скоро и пропатченый выложат!
  • 0
    сохранения не зависят от типа издания - работают как на пиратках с разными релизами, так и на лицензии
    а новые персонажи появятся в игре только при начале новой игры.
    хотя можно попробовать пошаманить с meta.lsb - forums.playground.ru/divinity_original_sin/vklyu.. хотя не факт, что сработает
  • 0
    Прошел игру версии 1.0.107. Особых глюков не было, кроме последнего боя с Драконом. Вылеты из игры через 8-12 перезагрузок.
    Прошел игру версии 1.0.130. до Пустоши Охотника. Участились вылеты из игры, но терпимо. Особых изменений не заметил, кроме уменьшения количества очков характеристик при повышении уровня. В более ранней версии до 10 уровня за уровень давалось 1 очко характеристик, после 10 уровня 1 очко характеристик через 2 уровня. В этой версии всегда 1 очко характеристик давалось только через 2 уровня. У магов увеличили промежуток кастов высокоуровневых заклинанрий.
    Прошел игру версии 1.0.177 полностью. Вылеты при перезагрузках еще больше участились, причем, чем выше уровень, тем чаще вылеты. Например в Пустоши Охотника, герои 17 уровня, вылеты через 4-6 перезагрузок, а в бою, так сразу выкинуть может. Весьма вероятно, что это свзяано с ДЛС "Медведь и Грабитель". Впервые вижу, что патчи ухудшают игровой процесс и оптимизацию игры.