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Version 1.08

This latest update fixes several issues.

Version 1.07

F.E.A.R. Patch 1.07 - This patch prepares F.E.A.R. to be compatible with the upcoming release of F.E.A.R. Combat. 1.07 also features multiplayer functionality upgrades including the addition of three new maps.

Please Note: For a fraction of the current owners of F.E.A.R. PC videogame, there is a known incompatibility between the F.E.A.R. Patch 1.07 and original copies of F.E.A.R. that were purchased via direct download sites such as Direct 2 Drive. If you or anyone you know digitally downloaded versions of the original F.E.A.R. videogame, you may not be able to upgrade your copies of F.E.A.R. to 1.07 at this time. All though this will only affect a fraction of our F.E.A.R. community, we do apologize for the inconvenience and are currently working on a solution to this problem and expect to release a fully compatible patch shortly. In the meanwhile, you can download the free version of F.E.A.R. Combat and enjoy the features of the 1.07 patch at www.joinfear.com . Once the full patch is available, the download will be available at www.fearfans.com . Once again we apologize for the inconvenience and are making every effort for all F.E.A.R. fans to enjoy the multiplayer component F.E.A.R. Combat.

Patch Notes:

* Added Friends List functionality to the main Multiplayer options menu.
* The FEAR.exe executable has been split into two parts, FEAR.exe and FEARMP.exe to be compatible with F.E.A.R. Combat. The only differences users will notice is a short pause when switching from single player to multiplayer and vice versa, and the change in desktop and Start Menu shortcuts.
* Team autobalancing has been added to the options for multiplayer team games. The new options are the last few entries in the game mode options menu. They are set to be off by default. Teams can be autobalanced up to every quarter round by team size, and up to every round by score. The score ratio used for autobalancing is also adjustable.
* Added Favorite Servers option on server browser screen. Servers can be added to the favorites list by selecting them in the server browser menu and clicking the add to favorites button.
* Added support for the Message of the Day. This can be accessed from the "Message of the Day" option on the main server browser screen.
* Added in-game option to mute selected players in Chat. This is accessed from the main in-game menu screen.
* Changed minimum player requirements for votes to succeed. If fewer players than the set minimum are on the server, a unanimous vote will be allowed to succeed.
* In-game graphics for votes have been modified to better show when they are starting and underway.
* Players and teams can now receive points for picking up or stealing the enemy flag in CTF. This option can be set from the CTF and Slowmo CTF game options screens.
* Added two new DM/Control maps, Stockpile and Waterworks.
* Added a new CTF/Conquer All map, Depot.
* Details for standard information such as player names, version, and mod can be displayed for server versions other than the current game client.
* Added options to the version filter. Available options are now "All", "Same Version", "Same Mod", and "Same Version and Mod".
* Fixed a bug where the server message and briefing override strings would sometimes display a null character instead of a carriage return.
* Added server option to allow setting a time delay for how long a player must wait between calling votes.
* Added support for a special NavMarker icon to designate the flag carrier to his or her teammates in CTF.
* Added indicators to the Team selection screen in MP to display the current team scores and make the current player count more obvious.
* Made the end of round delay timers for round ending and scoreboard visibility adjustable in the server options.
* Updated some MP HUD elements to scale at higher resolutions.

Version 1.06

This latest update corrects the loading issue with games saved before the 1.05 patch and several other various fixes.

Version 1.05

This v1.05 update gives players two brand new multiplayer gameplay modes. Here are brief descriptions of the new modes.

Control mode:
Two teams compete for three Control Points. Teams earn points for each Control Point they hold. To win, one team must reach the score limit before their opposition or have the highest score when the time limit expires.

Capture All mode:
Two teams compete for five Control Points. Team points are earned for neutralizing or capturing a Control Point as well as killing enemy players. To win, one team must capture all five Control Points, reach the score limit before opposing team does, or have the highest score when the time limit expires.

This update also adds two new multiplayer player maps: Cafeteria and Heliport.

Version 1.04

This patch updates F.E.A.R. from version 1.03 to version 1.04. Please note that this patch applies to all language versions. The changes are as follows:

* Code changes to allow the source code release.

Version 1.03

* Fixed typo in description of HUD fade speed on Game Options screen.
* Fixed crash associated with patch not overwriting default.archcfg file.
* Fixed crash associated with aborting game load from the GameSpy lobby.
* Fixed issue with weapon perturb not being calculated correctly
when held at extreme vertical angles.

* CD Key is now hidden when entered in the Multiplayer Client options.
* Fixed Server crash associated with clients using bad strings.
* Fixed random client crash in listen server games with more than
eight players.
* Fixed issue with F.E.A.R. background disappearing on "Find Servers"
* Fixed typo description of Defend Base Radius option on the CTF
Host Options menu.
* Fixed occasional client crash immediately after joining a remote server.
* Fixed client crash associated with stopping the GameSpy Server Browser.
* Removed restriction on presale content for normal customers.
* Users can now vote for map selection, next round, and next map.
* The Dedicated Server column of the server browser screen has been
removed. The Platform column now shows three different icons: hosted
servers, dedicated Win32 servers, and dedicated Linux servers.
* An additional graphic and sound will play when you are hit with a
* Option added to allow NavMarkers to fade out as they get farther from
the center of the screen. The key this is bound to can be set with the
"Toggle Markers" option in the Status section of Configure Controls.
* Added Punkbuster Support.

* Fixed bad string output for messages typed into the console from a
dedicated server operator.
* Added Japanese character support to FearServer.exe.
* Editing server options with scmd will now update info on remote clients.
* Fixed issue with launching a new listen server after disconnecting from
a server running custom maps.
* Fixed issue with the -archcfg command line option not being recognized
when running a dedicated or listen server with a mod .archcfg file.
* Added a new command line option, -userdirectory , to set the user
directory to the specified path, instead of the default path of
\Documents and Settings\All Users\Shared Documents\Monolith Productions\FEAR.
Please refer to the serverreadme.txt file for more information on this
* The -optionsfile command line argument will now recognize a full
path to the server options file, making it possible to reference an
options file outside of the user directory. Please note that the full
file name must be specified, including the extension (e.g. ".txt").
* The -mpcustomizations command line argument will now recognize a
full path to the customizations file, making it possible to reference a
customizations file outside of the user directory.
* The server multiplayer scoring log file now resides in the user directory
rather than the executable directory.
* The server multiplayer scoring log now provides the unique ID of each
player and the objective points scored by each player.
* Fixed issue with the Linux dedicated server failing to start if the
multiplayer scoring log was enabled.

Version 1.02

* Fixed some server integrity issues.
* Reverted a v1.01 change to flesh impact effects that caused blood spray
to turn off in the low gore setting.
* Fixed a crash that could occur when a client tried to rejoin or exit
after a failed content download.

Version 1.01


* Fixed a problem where players could fall under the map after pressing
ESC while climbing a ladder.
* Fixed a bug where water FX would play where there was no water in
the "Heavy Resistance" level.


* Fixed the Game Type filter on the server browser screen.
* Fixed broken ladder animations.
* Spectator "Fly" mode now works as intended.
* SlowMo Score Time is now reported through the in-game server browser for
SlowMo CTF games.
* Fixed a problem where players would sometimes spawn into Team Elimination
games as a neutral player.
* Team Eliminmation servers will no longer advance to the next round if
you are the first to join and then switch teams.
* Dead players will no longer win the round in Elimination game types if
they have the highest score when time runs out.
* The score tally on the HUD now works properly in all Elimination game types.
* Remote clients can no longer log into SCMD on hosted games as original
intended. SCMD still works as before on dedicated servers.
* The weapon of the player you are watching will no longer appear on the
screen when using the "Follow" spectator mode.
* Fixed problem with grenades getting stuck on or bouncing off of breakable
windows in certain levels.
* Further optimized performance and fixed minor lighting and art bugs in
the Streets CTF level.
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