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Патч FEZ v1.05 EN

Имя файлаupdate.exe
Размер182.42 Мб
Дата добавления
Описание и инструкции

Установка: запустить update.exe и указать путь к игре.

Version 1.05
- Fixed the "Error initializing audio subsystem" error
- Fixed the bug where "Continue Game" is greyed out when reloading a valid
save game
- Fixed that map icons did not show up on Intel HD Graphics chips
- Running the game "As Administator" should not necessary anymore
- Fixed random crash bug when loading between levels
- Tentative fix for transitioning to levels in the background while using
endgame feature
- Game now checks for available disc space on start (200Mb required)
- Added CLI flag to disable joystick support : --no-gamepad
- Added CLI flag to assume/force 60fps : --force-60hz (this is equivalent
to the MonoGame DLL hack that's been going around)
- Added CLI flag for debug tracing : --trace (please use this when
reporting crashes)
- Fixed sprite alignment of corner ledge animations
- Final cutscene will play even if you glitched your way to more than 64
- Added tentative support for retroactive or glitched/non-unlocked
achievements (Steam)
- Fixed cloning/duplicate/infinite anti-cube glitch
- Game should not force a resolution that is not supported by the display
device on first run
- Added slightly broader support for Intel HD cards with outdated drivers
- NOTE : The "Debug Log.txt" file is now located in %APPDATA%\FEZ\, the
one in the FEZ directory is stale and won't be written to
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