Grandia 2

Grandia 2

Патч Grandia 2 anniversary edition GOG 1.06 & 1.07

Описание и инструкции


Update 1.07:

  • Fix for crash in the later stages of the game when Roan changed Mana Eggs mid battle

Update 1.06:

  • Fix for proper music loops in fields (endless music looping)
  • Fix for proper music loops in battles (endless music looping)
  • Fix for some spells that had missing SFX sound loops
  • Fix for music fading out properly during cut scene transition
  • Fix for multiple music tracks cross fading into each other during a transition
  • Fix for fade in and fade out music speeds to be variable not a fixed rate
  • Fix for issues where music did not fade out completely in certain cut scenes like they should
  • Fix for issues where music would play after battle and then get cut off by a new music track
  • Fix for music ducking down when entering buildings and music returning to normal levels when exiting buildings
  • Fix for music fading out after selecting a new location from the world map
  • Fix for battle start "slash' SFX to play properly when battle encounters start
  • Fix for battle music fading out properly when last enemy is defeated
  • Fix for battle results music fading out properly when battle results screen is exited
  • Fix for battle sounds to properly be treated in 3D space in relation to the camera
  • Fix for an issue that caused winning dialogue to play over top of the sword swing SFX on battle finish
  • Fix for an issue that caused ambient sounds to play too loud for a split second when exiting battles
  • Reconverted 90 Japanese speech files for battles that were slightly cut off

История изменений:

Обновление 1.07:

  • Исправление краша в более поздних стадиях игры, когда Роан подменяет яйца Мана в середине боя

Обновление 1.06:

  • Многочисленные исправления, связанные со звуковыми эффектами и музыкой

Инструкция по инсталляции:

  1. Установить патч (необходима установленная версия 1.05 (для 1.06) или 1.06 (для 1.07))
  2. Играть