Патч Life is Strange Update 4

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1. Разархивировать архив

2. Запустить инсталятор и следовать его инструкции


- Fix Non Unicode OS users not being able to boot Game. *fingers crossed*

- Address the echoing/stuttering sound issue – sound should now not stutter unless game performance drops to 5fps and lower.

- ‘Safe’ launch Life Is Strange option added to client. This adds `–ForceMinGraphics` to shortcut. People having trouble launching the game (no user interface, black screen) can use this to boot Life is Strange with minimum settings and MSAA disabled.

- Fix issue where some users had ‘rainbow’ like textures throughout the game.

- Laptop users will now default to the best GPU they have on board.

- Vista users now have desktop icons

- Other minor bug/housekeeping issues.

- Fix Non Unicode OS users not being able to boot Game.

some reporting this hasnt helped them (investigating more now)

- Fix Gamma/Brightness not properly being applied to the Bink videos.

- Fix streaming issue for high res textures.

- Fix key binding modifications not being applied when pressing escape key.

- Some tweaks to MSAA rendering.

- Comfort tweaks to mouse drag speed so in-game interactions are smoother.


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