Патч NBA 2K15 PC #1

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Первый официальный патч для NBA 2K15.


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    Список изменений: - Made a number of stability fixes to improve the quality of the MyPARK experience, and online as a whole. - Controller/Keyboard bindings will now properly function in MyPARK. - Addressed an issue where the game would experience frame rate stuttering in certain situations. - The correct animation will now be shown in Edit Player when scrolling through the available list of animations. - Fixed an issue where the user who invited would sometimes hang at the conclusion of a playoff game in Online Leagues. - Fixed an issue where some users were experiencing hangs when attempting to create/join an Online League with a custom roster. - Addressed an issue in MyGM/MyLEAGUE where, in certain cases, the game would not allow the user to exceed 13 players during the free agency period of the offseason. - The keyboard should now properly detect input game-wide when a controller is also being used simultaneously. - Fixed an issue where in-game models would appear green/yellow on certain GPUs. - Fixed a rare hang that would occur when changing the in-game language from the Options menu. - Corrected an issue where black ‘blobs’ would appear in replay on certain system configurations. - Fixed a rare occurrence where Doris Burke would warp off the screen prior to an on-court interview with a player/coach. - Users are now able to re-watch 2KTV episodes that have already been watched to completion. - Added support for users attempting to play with a GeForce 320M GPU.
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    на пиратку встанет?
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    Юрй Розанов
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    начал карьеру на лицухе в стиме, скоро халява кончится, там 3 дня дали опробывать, а играть дальше очень хочется, уже сезон целый отыграл, скачал пиратку, а сохранки карьеры не робят, подскажите чо сделать
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    Кто знает русик уже вышел?
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    как установить???