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NBA 2K15 {Update #3}

Дата выпуска обновления: 11 декабря 2014Автор/Разработчик: 2K Sports, Visual Concepts/BATТип файла: PatchТребуемая версия игры: ЛюбаяВерсия обновления: 1.0u3 (Update3)Язык интерфейса: Любой. Не зависит от языка Таблэтка: Отсутствует

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Список изменений
GENERAL - Continued improvements have been made to the face scanning process. Please ensure you have plenty of balanced lighting (natural light is best) for best results. - A number of improvements have been made to the MyPARK Championship experience. Get out there and represent your Park! - The following players have received updates hairstyles/beards: Chris Andersen, Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard, Martell Webster, Josh McRoberts, Deandre Jordan, Marcin Gortat, Kyrie Irving, Iman Shumpert, Michael Williams Carter, and Xavier Henry. - The following players have received new or updated head scans: historic Shaquille O’Neal, Damian Lillard, Larry Sanders (goggles), Otto Porter (prescription goggles), Steve Nash, and Jordan Hill. Rajon Rondo now has a new body type. - Updated the Atlanta Hawks uniform to match the look for the 2014-15 season. - Updated the Toronto Raptors uniform by reducing the thickness of the red trim around the arms. - Updated the referee uniforms to match the look for the 2014-15 NBA season. - Improved lip sync and facial animations for a number of the Real Voice interviews with Doris Burke. - Fixed an issue where the commentator would occasionally reference an on-screen overlay when one was not being displayed. - Fixed a case where the game would occasionally hang when scrolling by the created players tab in the Roster Creator. - The shooting form and shot base animations are now correctly coupled when scrolling through them in Edit Player. - A League Members screen has been added to Online Leagues, with the ability for admins to kick users from the league as well as the ability to award a win to the user of their choosing. - In Online Leagues, a clear indication of who won/lost playoff games is now provided when viewing the results of games around the league. - When accepting an Online Leagues invite on the Main Menu, the user will no longer lose functionality after accepting an invite, then canceling out of the Retrieving Content Data dialog. - When spectating or in Got Next in the Jordan Rec Center, the quarter and time remaining will now appear in the score bar. - Created/generated players will now have their hot zones updated when their position changes. - Users with very low teammate grades in All-Star Team-Up/MyPARK games will be removed from the current session. - NBA players now have appropriate wingspans/body lengths listed when editing them in Edit Player. - Users are now able to change where the NBA logo is placed on their headband when viewing it in Accessories in the MyPLAYER Store. - Updated the Adidas Ankle Brace to match its real-life counterpart (velcro now faces out). - Fixed an issue where parties of 5 would sometimes get split up when searching for All-Star Team-Up game. - Records will now be shown with the correct values when loading into quick matches online. - Resolved a rare issue where the game would randomly hang during the Dunk Contest at All-Star Weekend. - The correct players names and scores are now shown during the tiebreaker round in the dunk contest at All-Star Weekend. - MyTEAM users who quit out of the game as soon as the clock hits 0, but before the game flow officially ends, will now receive their earned MyTEAM points. - Fixed a rare hang that would occur if the user attempted to Rematch during a very small window at the beginning of the Halftime Report. - (PC) Support for 21:9 resolutions has been added. - (PC) Support for adjusting controller vibration has been added into the VideoSettings.cfg file located in your %APPDATA% folder. GAMEPLAY - Several improvements made to defensive movement to make it more responsive. - Fixed several issues preventing shooting fouls from being called at a high enough frequency for both the user and CPU. - Fixed 3PT line recognition for jump shooters to prevent them from stepping over the line when attempting 3PT shots. - Pass speeds have been increased to reduce "floaty" passes. - Increased the AI's usage of 3PT shots to better match real life NBA statistics. - Implemented a casual walk-up state and new back-to-basket walk launch to get rid of the "hunchback" walk-ups. Also made it easier to dribble walk in general. - Disabled technical fouls due to excessive timeouts in online games to prevent griefing. - Fixed overpowered behind-the-back dribble moves. - Addressed several cases of control unresponsiveness in the dribbling system. - Tuned interior and contact shot success for more predictable outcomes. - Reduced contact dunk frequency for Posterizers in all game modes. - The AI will now evaluate more options rather than always doing "auto-putbacks" off of offensive rebounds. - Several improvements made to balance offensive and defensive rebounding. - More impactful penalties instituted against "zig-zag" 3PT exploit. - Corrected a case where block inputs were being dropped near the basket. - Increased the frequency of reaching fouls. - Tuned defensive closeout speed and effectiveness. - The shot meter is now enabled during free throw situations. - Reduced the frequency of moving screen violations. - Fixed an exploit in which the user could continually engage and disengage from the Post to get to the basket. - Changed the default setting for Defensive Assist online to 50 to help with on-ball defense. - Re-worked the shot fatigue system to take more factors into account to better simulate real life. - Tweaked the ‘Beluba’ Camera to make it more playable in transition and during free throws. - Fixed the ability to throw long touchdown passes by alley-ooping to the receiver from the backcourt. - Force receivers to play standing catches on check-ball passes. - Fixed an issue where a user's pass release type request was being overridden during fast breaks. - Fixed several cases of rebounding goaltends being called too frequently. - Improvements to passing and catching into the post. - Made passers more aware of defenders behind them when selecting pass animations. - Fixed Play-call messages not appearing when calling a play in the Jordan Rec Center. - Prevent post players from auto pump faking from dropsteps. - Delayed the AI's decision to pass on pick & rolls until the roll animation has launched. - Improved Deny Ball movement when Out of Position. - Improved the responsiveness of the Right Stick defensive Quick Steps. - Addressed a rare issue where the user wasn’t able to move his defender during an inbound situation. - Fixed on-ball defense facing when out of position and really close to the ball handler. - Prevented off-ball defenders from going into a shot contest if an on-ball teammate is already in one. - Made it easier to control your player during the 2K Camera flip transition. - Improved post shot selection for AI-controlled players to better match their tendencies. - Reduced the frequency of steals in perimeter body-ups. - Fixed the logic for the AI dribbler passing to the roll man in pick-and-roll situations. - Removed dribble drive stutter that was occasionally playing in the wrong situations. - Improved Points of Emphasis logic for late game situations. - Player attributes now dynamically update in the Substitutions menu to demonstrate the effects of hot/cold streaks and injuries. - Improved logic and spacing for players in the Triangle freelance offense. - A number of other smaller changes have been made to address issues as well as enhance the user experience. MyCAREER - Improved shot awareness and raised shot percentages for teammates in MyCareer to make them more effective. - Several improvements made to the Teammate Grade evaluation. - Fixed an issue where tattoos equipped while in the Practice Gym failed to apply to the player when playing the next NBA game. - Fixed an issue where an incorrect scene would sometimes play when the user’s team wins a playoff series against a rival NBA player. - During the offseason, your favorite team should no longer try and recruit you if you are already on that team. - Users can now preview sounds in the Arena Media menu prior to purchasing. - Fixed a rare case where a player not on the team would appear in scenes with the MyPLAYER. - The ‘Chase Down Artist’ badge should now unlock at the appropriate time. - The requirements for the ‘Dimer’, ‘Acrobat’, ‘Scrapper’, ‘Spin Lay-in’, ‘Post Hoperator’, and ‘Charge Card’ badges have been lowered to make them a little more attainable. - The +/- stat will now display proper values after portions of the game have been simulated. - Corrected an issue where the MyPLAYER was sometimes not the offensive player in the post scoring drill. - Fixed an issue where pre-game rituals would occasionally not trigger before a played game. - Corrected a case where the camera would sometimes look at the other team during a speaking huddle. -The MyPLAYER will now wear his team’s uniform during the Three-Point Contest at All-Star Weekend. - The MyPLAYER will no longer wear his in-game accessories along with his casual clothes in the Sprite commercial. - The Rising Stars and All-Star games will no longer take place in the 2014 all-star arena starting with year 2 of MyCAREER. - The Hall of Fame environment has been completely re-lit to increase the visual fidelity of the experience. MyGM/MyLEAGUE - Addressed an issue where some save progress would be lost in an active save when loading a custom roster and playing a game outside of MyGM/MyLEAGUE prior to entering it. - Fixed an issue where user-approved trades (via Trade Approval) were occasionally not processed when accepted during the offseason in MyLEAGUE. - Tuned generated draft class creation to create more variety with respect to body scale proportions (e.g. shoulder width, wingspan, etc.). - Tuned DPOY formula in order to get more accurate award recipient finalists. - Fixed an issue where a player’s injury recovery time could dramatically drop when aggravating an existing injury. - When a player worsens an injury by attempting to play through it (e.g. Sore Knee -> Torn ACL), the injury duration will now be updated to match the new injury. - Your Trainer will now inform you of exactly which body part he is worried about when uncovering an injury concern on a draft prospect. - Corrected an issue that was restricting some players from signing contract extensions in-season despite having the appropriate number of bird years. - Players that are focused on Injury Rehab will no longer aggravate existing injuries during Training. - When prompted to Load / Download a draft class, the menu will now also populate with classes built by your fellow community members. - In MyGM, the user will no longer receive an offseason owner goal to not lose a player to free agency when that player is already signed for the next season. - In MyGM, your owner will no longer ask you to upgrade a position where you already have a star player when you have another position in need of a clear upgrade. - In MyGM, fixed an issue where upgrades that affect durability affected only the miscellaneous durability instead of the durability of all body parts. - In MyGM, the user will no longer fail the ‘Keep Morale above X’ goal is the related player gets injured and his morale drops below the threshold as a result of the injury. - In MyGM, CFOs with the ‘Bully’ badge will no longer lower their own Trust due to the badge. - The game will no longer hang when trying to finish the offseason with 4 or less players on the roster (What are you thinking anyhow?). - Addressed an issue in the Gameplan where the rotation would reset when leaving a team-specific gameplan for a team that had 15 players on the roster. - Head Coach hirings/firings are now tracked in the Transaction Report. - Fixed a bug where the social media messages from different Power Rankings personalities would be incorrect when starting with a Fantasy Draft.


-Battery - , bumax[BAFH] NBA 2K15 Update 3 (c) 2K Release Date: 11/12/2014 Protection: Steam Cracked By..: BAT-TEAM # of Files: few Check the included whatsnew.txt file for a list of changes. 1. Unpack release. 2. Install the update to where you installed the game. 3. Copy the cracked content from /Crack dir to the same place. 4. Enjoy! ;) WE DONT WANT ANYONE TO CONTACT US! WE CONTACT YOU IF NEEDED! WEB: NEVER - IRC: NEVER - EMAIL: NEVER Greetings to all of our friends around scene! NFO UPDATED 13/11/2007


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