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- A new save slot backup system which allows accessing up to 5 previous save points per save slot.
- To use the new backup system simply press Up while highlighting a save slot.
- The save slot backup feature will only work with new soul links and auto save points being made and is not retroactive.


- Significantly reduced input lag when playing the game in full screen with VSync On.
- Toggling between fullscreen and windowed mode (Alt+Enter shortcut) should now be instant.
- Alt+Tab switching performance and behavior drastically improved and is much faster.
- Better handling of multi-monitor setups - the game can now be played in full screen on any monitor.
- Resolution switching is now handled much better and is significantly faster.
- Improved input handling for RT/LT and some buttons for different custom controllers.
- A lot of performance tweaking and optimization across the board.

Bug fixes:

- Retroactively fixed the bug where players couldn’t jump out of the water.
- Fixed rare scenarios in which Ori would randomly fall through colliders of the ground.
- Fixed instances in which people could save in bad locations or get into infinite death loops.
- Fixed the game hangs caused by toggling fullscreen mode, usage of win key or alt+tab.
- Fixed the “Elite” Achievement not awarding in some cases.
- Retroactively fixed the issue of the last door in Mount Horu not opening.
- Retroactively fixed the Light Vessel not appearing in Forlorn Ruins.
- Fixed the issue of people being stuck under the stompable wedge in Sunken Glades.
- Fixed instance in which players are able to sequence skip the Glide ability and get stuck.
- Fixed pushing and pulling blocks not functioning properly in some rare cases.
- Fixed the issue with players getting stuck under the lasers in Moon Grotto.
- Fixed instance in which the sequence after Kuro’s Nest wouldn’t play properly.
- Fixed the issue in which players get pushed through the ground by a stomper in Moon Grotto.
- Fixed the sequence break that might occur due to watching Kuro’s Attack cutscene before starting a new game.
- No longer possible to lock the game by opening the Skill Tree while Bashing.
- Fixed the save slots set to completed when playing the last cutscene from the menu.
- Fixed the issue of not being able to jump when getting Charge Jump without Climb.
- Fixed text rendering when playing in DX9 mode.

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