Saints Row 4

Патч Saints Row 4 - Update 6

Описание и инструкции

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Список изменений:

Ultra Saints Row IV Extreme Update Patch Update Edition:
· The free Thank You Pack -- available on Steam under Saints Row IV DLC -- now unlocks as intended
Patch 6 (released: 11/12/13)
· Fix for playing preview lines for The Boss when selecting a new voice in Image As Designed
· Fix for audio logs playing after a game load
· Fix for rapid selection of powers causing power to go into full cool-down
· Fix for Marauders spawning on top of The Boss while in Kinzie's Warehouse
· Fix for the player getting stuck in a falling animation when super jumping and landing on slopes
· Fix for the game freezing when selecting Quests during mission: KINZIE KIDNAPPED
· Fix to allow the 'Merica Gun to be equipped in the Gateway or Friendly Fire if no other weapons are in the special weapon slot
· Fix for weapon icons appearing grey when a skin is customized more than once while in Friendly Fire
· Fix to allow changes to be discarded in Image As Designed
· Fix for The Reynolds .50 HMG weapon radial image
· Fix for crashes at the end of a mission when complements/taunts were used
· Fix to stop Stomp Mayhem from providing Super Jump height bonuses after the activity is complete
· Fix for allowing a hat to be worn with Disco Business Man hair
· Fix for The Black Hole launcher crashing during Asha’s Loyalty mission
· Fix for a tank-related soft crash near the end of mission: Keymaster
· Fix for Scallywagon soft crash when stomped by a warden
· (COOP) Fix allowing the client to receive credit while streaking
· (COOP) Fix for host seeing client standing while piloting the Screaming Eagle Jet
· (Enter The Dominatrix) Fix for TK'ed enemies ragdolling the player on contact
· (Enter The Dominatrix) Fix for The Boss missing certain clothing/hair when moving between the crib ship and the simulation
· (Enter The Dominatrix) Fix for the Alien RPG grayed out in the weapon radial
· (Enter The Dominatrix) Fix for additional Naughty F-69 VTOL / Dildozer spawns while calling a homie
· Added support for future DLC
Patch 5 (released: 10/21/13)
· Fix for an issue where Marauders could spawn on the cribship
· Fix for an issue with the gun fire audio playing for the machine gun included in the GAT V DLC pack
· Fix for an issue where certain weapon icons would appear when they shouldn’t in store interfaces
· Fix for some missions where the player male animation set would replace the female animation set
· Fix for radio control bindings while on foot
· Fix to the weapon menu where the player is unable to scroll after receiving more than 9 special weapons
· Fix to for some players who were unable to become fireproof
· Improved overall stability of the game
· Various UI fixes for running the game with Eyefinity, including improved heath indications and weapon inventory screen updates
· Fix for crash where the player attempts to switch to fullscreen and it fails.
· Added support for future DLC
· Improved camera behavior while flying a VTOL
· The Client will now pause gameplay when joining a Host’s game while the host is on the “invite friends” menu after initially loading a CO-OP game
· The voice chat option will now only be enabled while CO-OP is active
Patch 4.1 (released: 10/10/13)
· Fix for a startup crash for PCs with ASUS Sound Boards
· Fixes for several stability issues which resulted in crashes
· Fix for a certain character missing during romance sequences
· Fix for a COOP infinite load in mission “THE BOSS GOES TO WASHINGTON”
· Fix for certain players using Fire Invulnerability after completing Blazing Activities
· Fix for soft crash using the DEATH FROM ABOVE nuke in water
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List of included DLCs

Saints Row Episode 4 – Preorder DLC
Saints Row IV – Commander-In-Chief Pack
Saints Row IV – Volition Comics Pack
Saints Row IV – The Rectifier
Saints Row IV – The Executive Privilege Pack
Saints Row IV – Team Fortress 2 Pack
Saints Row IV – Brady Games Pack
Saints Row IV – Grass Roots Pack
Saints Row IV – Presidential Pack
Saints Row IV – Dubstep Expansion Pack
Saints Row IV – GAT V Pack
Saints Row IV – Wild West Pack
Saints Row IV – Enter The Dominatrix
Saints Row IV – The Super Saints Pack
Saints Row IV – Pirate’s Booty Pack

New in this release

Saints Row IV – Thank You Pack
Лечилку на Диск закинул -
pavlousp спасибо
спс за таблетку
Интересно, а что за Thank You pack?
бесплатный набор нарядов
О, збс! У меня 2 часа ночи, я завтра скачаю. Спасибо за распространение. =)
А теперь объясните мне дураку, куда после этого апдейта с кряком деваются сохранениния???
должно быть здесь - C:\ProgramData\Steam\RLD!\206420
место сохранения указано в файле steam_api.ini
Это то я определил. Подскажи ка лучше, куда их девать, чтоб они в игре-то снова появились???
а есть трейнер под этот апдейт,главным образом на деньги?
Пора выкладывать Патч Saints Row 4 - Update 7
3.3 Gb?
все устанавливаю кряк распоковал в папку игры захожу в игру- вылет после заставки, до патча такого не было, что делать?
парни подскажите что делать у меня в саинтсе когда в магазин одежды захожу нажимаю на действие у меня курсор появляется а меню покупки нет и из магазина не выйти
дайте ссылку на 7 патч
как убрать dlc в игре? скажите, очень надо!
А это для всех версий?