Stronghold Crusader 2
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Патч Stronghold Crusader 2 v1.0.20143

Имя файлаstronghold.crusader.2.update.v1.0.20143._rus.eng_.rar
Размер1.33 Гб
Дата добавления
Описание и инструкции

Требуемая версия: Любая

Локализация: Русская и английская полные

Таблетка: Присутствует (3DM) и отдельно (LumaEmu) (CodexEmu)

Custom Stock Bar Added As an early Christmas present for the Stronghold Crusader 2 community we have just released a new update (Version: 1.0.20143). This update, which adds a key feature players have been asking for since launch, introduces a custom Stock Bar and extra options for the in-game camera and windowed mode. New Features Added a new customisable Stock Bar which displays all resources, food and weapons in the top left corner while playing the game. This allows players to easily keep track of their stocks without having to look in the Stockpile, Granary or Armoury. Implemented options for inverting camera rotation. Implemented an option for locking the cursor to the window when in windowed mode. Stronghold Kingdoms players should also pay attention to this new update, which allows them to enter their Crusader 2 name as “SHK” in order to receive a redeemable Kingdoms code! This only works if your in-game language is set to English, so please check this before changing your name. P.S. Happy Christmas to all you Crusaders! Thanks so much for your support this year and please look forward to more free updates and DLC coming in 2015. Please Note: The above version number (1.0.20143) should appear at the bottom of the main Crusader 2 title screen, as proof that you have successfully updated to the new version. If the version numbers do not match up please exit the game and restart Steam until they do, as this will force the update.


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