Патч Technomancer - Update 1.0.3636

Описание и инструкции


Update 3636:
Bug fixes:

Fixed a bug where you could be blocked in the "Under Threat" main quest.
Fixed an item duplication exploit
Fixed a bug preventing to complete the tutorial if you changed the binding before starting it
Fixed a bug where the wrong button was shown during the tutorial with a PS4 controller on PC
Fixed animation bugs on the character
Fixed two bugs preventing to complete side quests "Crowd of beggar" and "Extortion under threat" after fleeing from Ophir
Minor bug fixes
Stability improvements
Minor UI improvements


Implementation of a key that toggles walking or running, bound on "Caps Lock" by default
Rework on the loot/drain binding system in keyboard/mouse controls: Loot will now always be bound on "interaction 1" (E) and drain on "interaction 2" (Q)
'Easier' Easy Mode - Following player feedback, we've reworked Easy difficulty to be more accessible. This is ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy the story without investing too much time into combat.

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