Guild 2

Патч The Guild 2: Pirates of the European Seas v2.2

Описание и инструкции


- Fixed numerous bugs that were causing the game to crash
- Added some minor tweaks that slightly improve game performance
- Fixed some bugs that were preventing the game to save
- Fixed a bug that was causing carts and ships to get stuck
- Fixed a bug which sometimes made cart operators invisible
- Ships now have visible captains
- Fixed some bugs that were occuring during medical treatments in hospitals
- Fixed a torture chamber bug which sometimes prevented the prisoner from being released after their punishment
- Fixed numerous map-bugs

New Features:

Forced marriage
- You can now force an unmarried candidate into marriage
- This skips the courting process so currency will be needed to persuade the bride's/groom's family into accepting your proposal

Title Acquisition:
- It is now possible to acquire a new title without being at the townhall

Arrange An Embargo:
- An Alderman can now arrange an embargo against a market. This isn't restricted to his home town but it will cost him some fame.

Scrollable minimap
- You can scroll the 2D-map with your mouse wheel

Changed bribe system
- Now the bribe-money depends on the money of the person that is bribed

New map:

- Vienna
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+10 . кто знает какие дополнения на нее есть помимо венеции и пиратов европейских морей?
BoomerMladshiy - только сегодня новость опубликовали
Guanokot я про эту часть уже читал как только зашел сюда))) но все равно спасибо
а больше офиц дополнений не было
жалко.ну тогда осталось до выхода новой только в венецию поиграть.
К этому патчу подходит русификтор от 2.1