Thea: The Awakening

Патч Thea: The Awakening "1.16.1712 GOG"

Описание и инструкции

Changelog от 16.05.2016:

  • fixed Bloodbath mode not switching on/off properly
  • fixed bandit event where after a spore attack the vent would not dissapear
  • fixes for poisons and curses (these removed wounds that were left from the previous turn)
  • fixed Meeting Hall building cost

There are also two new hotkeys, active on the Inventory screen:

  • LMB click while holding R - recycles clicked item
  • LMB click while holding D - destroys clicked item

  New Difficulty option - Bloodbath

  • Boosts to selected god bonuses
  • Son of Zoria can wield ANY 2-handed weapon in 1 hand,
  • Nightstalker can wield 2-handed swords in 1 hand,
  • Morena's trinkets are made of advanced resources and can be of Good Quality,
  • Perun's weapons get guaranteed Good Quality tag,
  • None of the gods' given items can be Bad Quality,
  • Added warnings to Inventory and New Expedition screens - when food or fuel supplies are low an exclamation mark appears,
  • Optimizations for map loading and memory usage - these will be most visible for low to mid-end computers,
  • Added Custom language - when selected, this sets UI to English but loads all event texts from CUSTOM.txt file from StreamingAssets folder,
  • Re-balanced spawns to keep them on a bit more reasonable levels,
  • Adjusted the chance for the herbalist hut, to make sure it shows up faster,
  • Fix to the log recorder,
  • Fixed Research screen, where tooltips were not showing up for Crafting and Construction categories,
  • Fixed the giants guest, so that the Umbrage Lord isn't spawned infinitely,
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes difficulty settings were lost