Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Pathfinder:Kingmaker "Patch 1.0.8"

Описание и инструкции

Для установки требуется версия 1.0.7! Патч 1.0.8 со всеми хотфиксами,т.е.версия 1.0.8с!


Скопируйте все файлы из папки "Update" в директорию игры и запустите .bat файл, чтобы пропатчить вашу игру!

Например C\Games\Pathfinder:Kingmaker - сюда копируем и запускаем Pathfinder_Kingmaker_Update_v1.0.7_to_v1.0.8.bat



  • Bokken could die after his artisan's quest if players came to the "Oleg's Trading Post" area too late. Resolution: fixed, Bokken can't die any longer.
  • Tristian could become immortal after completing the "Betrayer's Flight" quest. Resolution: fixed. 
  • Jubilost didn't appear in the tavern during the "Door to Nowhere" quest. Resolution: fixed.
  • The NPC Amalia didn't appear at the Capital Square after citizen revolt in the Season of Bloom chapter (Tristian's "Kingdom of the Cleansed" quest). Resolution: fixed.
  • The party couldn't leave "Oleg's Trading Post" area if players failed Nok-Nok's companion quest and the "Trouble with Goblins" quest. Resolution: fixed.


  • Dialogue with Akiros didn't work properly at the "Stag Lord Fort" area after the party got over the wall if the formation layout set party members too far from each other. Resolution: fixed.
  • The party couldn't leave the "Womb of Lamashtu" area if an animal companion got stuck at the separated area part. Resolution: fixed.
  • The vendor didn't sell goods at "Brineheart" area after resolving all of the problems in the area. Resolution: fixed.
  • The dialogue with Amiri at the end of events at "Flintlock Grasslands" area could be inconsistent if players choose chaotic dialogue option. Resolution: fixed.
  • The NPC Gwart didn't appear at the end of events in the "Flintlock Grasslands" area if players visited the area first and then came back after completing Tristian's quest. Resolution: fixed.
  • There were issues with navigation at "Mysterious Shrine" and "Gnawed Rocks" areas. Resolution: fixed.
  • Tristian repeated romance dialogue when the party entered the Capital Square. Resolution: fixed.
  • Ekundayo's dialogue didn't work properly at the "Ruined Watchtower" area if players discovered the "Troll Lair" area before talking to him. Resolution: fixed.

User Interfaces

  • Critical modifiers weren't visualized in tooltips. Resolution: fixed.

Classes & Mechanics 

  • The Arcane Weapon - Shock enchantment would give a weapon the Brilliant Energy property instead. Resolution: Shocking Weapon Enchant gives Shock weapon property now.
  • Skeletons summoned by Jaethal's camping ability dropped loot and didn't disappear after death. Resolution: fixed.
  • Disintegrated units were invisible after resurrection. Resolution: fixed.


  • There was a mistake in the Fighter class description, leading to wrong expectations about class development. Resolution: fixed.
  • Epilogue ended after the Tiger Lords message. Resolution: the rest of epilogue should play normally now.
  • New pack of typos and localization fixes.


  • Some players complained that video cards might be running out of memory. Resolution: a couple of video memory leaks are fixed.