Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

PES 2018 "FootyChallenger PC Patch Compilation V5.2"

Описание и инструкции

PES 2018 FootyChallenger PC Patch Compilation V5.2 - продолжение патча от данного мейкера, для футбольного симулятора Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

Это полная версия патча.

Полная совместимость с Data Pack 2.0


Features (as of V5.2) (19th Nov 2017) (Data Pack 2 compatible):
- 100% only PES 2018's new template kits used
- 100% no weird defensive bugs in newly added teams due to PC import error, causing man-marking to be all over the place
- 100% no goalkeeper duplicate bug in newly added teams caused by PC import error
- 100% competition and logos for all unlicensed teams
- 100% fake players corrected (National Teams, Brasileiro Série A, SC Internacional, European Classics and World Classics)
- 100% Kits added for all unlicensed teams (Bonus: Exclusive fantasy kits by FootyChallenger for Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Everton, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Newcastle United as 4th kit)
- 100% Argentinian league (full league with correct teams from actual league)
- Added new leagues: Chinese Super League, Liga MX and Bundesliga
- 100% correct league format for all new leagues
- Added Asian teams: Newcastle Jets, Perth Glory, Central Coast, Sydney FC, Melbourne City, Melbourne Victory, Mariners, AL SADD SC
- Added European teams: Celtic, Istanbul Basaksehir, Lokomotiv Moscow, Rosenborg, Hajduk,
Rijeka, Maribor, Qarabag, Sparta Prague, Apoel FC
- Added Copa Libertadores teams (Jorge Wilstermann, UTC, The Strongest without kits and real players)
- Added LA Galaxy, Orlando and New York City (without kits and real players)
- Added official Legend players

V5.2 (19th Nov 2017)
- Fix National Team missing kits in V5.1
- Fix Liga MX faces (Credit to Thor10 for spotting)

V5.1 (18th Nov 2017)
- Fix damange done by DP2, which affected squads of national teams and some Brasileiro Série A teams.
- Added 24 official Legend players such as Beckham, Gerrard and more to European Classic teams.
- Added Adriano to World Classic team.
- Added Everton Fantasy Kit.
- Removed Chacarita Juniors, as the official one is now added via DP2.

V5 (28th Oct 2017)
- Added Copa Libertadores teams in Other Latin Americas (Jorge Wilstermann, UTC, The Strongest without kits and real players)
- Added LA Galaxy, Orlando and New York City in Other Latin Americas (without kits and real players)
- 27th October 2017 Live Update applied
- Rosenborg BK updated squad appearance and kits thanks to Radioglyserin's contribution
* Feel free to contribute to the teams without kits and real players as this patch is a community effort!

V4 (20th Oct 2017)
- Added Sparta Prague, Apoel FC (Thanks to Humu Hulin for converting them for the exports to work on this OF)
- Added kits for all Asian National Teams
- Exclusive fantasy kits by FootyChallenger for Barcelona and Real Madrid
- Added Chicharito face build

V3.1 (Released)
- Istanbul Basaksehir and Celtic kits added (Thanks to sercsinano for directing me to the kits)
- Uraguay remaining fake players which were previously missed fixed (Thanks to Fabián Gatto for spotting and providing infos)
- Added kits for all African National Teams
- Exclusive fantasy kits by FootyChallenger for Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Newcastle United added as 4th kit

V3 (Released)
- SC Internacional's fake player names corrected
- Added Italian Serie B Kits
- Added Europe NT Kits

V2.1 (Released)
- Brasileiro Série A fake player names corrected
- European and World Classic Teams fake player names corrected
- Added North and South America NT kits
- Added Manchester United 98/99 Champions League kit

V2 (Released)
- Added Liga MX
- Added European Teams (Hajduk, Rijeka, Maribor, Qarabag)
- Added Asian Teams (Newcastle Jets, Perth Glory, Central Coast) (No more fake Asian teams)
- Added Argentinian League Team (Chacarita Juniors)
- Added 2018 template kits for Bundesliga
- Fixed Southampton missing GK kit
- Restructured Argentinian League
- Rearranged Chinese Super League, Premier League and Championship in alphabetical order

V1 (Released)
- Competition and logos for all teams
- All Real Players in all teams including National Teams except Brazillian League
- All duplicate players removed
- Only 2018 Template Kits are used
- Added full Chinese Super League
- Added German League
- Added European Teams, overwriting some fake teams (Celtic, Istanbul Basaksehir, Lokomotiv Moscow, and Rosenborg)
- Added Asian Teams, overwriting some fake teams (Sydney FC, Melbourne City, Melbourne Victory, Mariners, AL SADD SC)
- Import bug affecting imported squad fixed (Weird man-marking settings, Gk duplicate ect. You will find no such bug in this OF)
- No kits for Italian B League, German League (kit colors are correct though for German League) and National Teams (No 2018 template version released yet)


От автора:
* Каждая версия моего OF - это AIO (All-In-One - полная версия). Это означает, что вы должны удалить весь предыдущий OF и выполнить чистую установку без следов предыдущих файлов из моего предыдущего OF в вашей папке SAVE.
* Обязательно отключите Live Update во время игры, если вы не используете базу данных Konami по умолчанию, что означает все игроки и структура лиги будут беспорядок для отредактированных команд.

- Убедитесь, что установлены Data Pack 2 и exe 1.03
- Удалите все в своей папке «save», кроме файлов, таких как system, ML, BAL и повторы ects.
- Перетащите папку «save» в папку «PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2018». Расположен на Диске: / YOURPC / Documents / KONAMI