Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

PES 2018 "Option File For PC Update 8.0 (11.10.2017) by kilay"

Описание и инструкции

PES 2018 Option File For PC Update 8.0 (11.10.2017) by kilay - Вашему вниманию, обновление патча для PC, для футбольного симулятора Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

От автора:

О новом AIO патче, я предпочитаю подождать другие комплектные пакеты перед выпуском нового полного патча

Что в обновлении:

Ok, the mistakes should be solved, i'm uploading the update, about the badges positions i've still to fix them, Chaves wrong badge and the inverted numbs on Man Utd are solved, the Premier League badge is the right one and the issue about Gk on free kicks on some NT is also gone.

Что в патче:

Kit Premier League by Cesc Fabregas
Kit Liga by Txak
Badge by G-Style
Configured chantlist for European Club (southamericans and asian still missing)and NT many thnks to predator002
Fixed Picture and string of competitions many thnks to Hawke
Created the repack of cpk with the contents of Evoweb(face,logo,minifaces,tatoo, graphics mod)
Added kit and logos for the most of the other sudamericans teams (for some also the rosters)
Added Chacarita to SuperLiga Argentina
Chinese Super League
Serie B
Complete Bundesliga
LIGA 123
10 european teams added to CL/EL
Fixed fake national teams and players
Added some premiership 3rd and 4th kit
Serie A , Serie B, Premier League, Championship, Liga & Bundesliga Tactics ,all those teams are also tweaked with changes of role and ability
Removed all COM styles (trickster, mazing run and speeding bullet) from the whole database
Jerseys Number of Premiership, Championship and la Liga are properly configured
Fixed brazilian fake name (not the free transfer players)
Added Manager image and fixed names for Premiership, Serie A, Serie B e Liga

Устанавливать на патч - PES 2018 Option File For PC Update 7.0

Перед установкой, удалите свой файл 1 08-10-2017.cpk

Если у вас установлены кричалки и комментаторы, порядок установки следующий:
1. dt80_100E_x64.cpk
2. Preds 2018 Callnames.cpk
3. Preds 2018 Chants.cpk
4. 1 11-10-2017.cpk

Содержимое папки KILAY SAVE UPDATE 8.0, копировать с заменой, по пути:
C:\Users\Users\Documents\KONAMI\PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2018\save

Файл 1 11-10-2017.cpk копировать с заменой:
...\Pro Evolution Soccer 2018\download

...\Pro Evolution Soccer 2018\download

После установки:
Используйте программу:
PES 2018 DpFileList Generator 2018 v1.1 DLC 1.0
PES 2018 DpFileList Generator 1.1 (05.10.2017) - .cpk - 64 шт.