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Phoning Home "Update 2-5"

Описание и инструкции

  • Changed crafting rules for Light Probe to require 2 x Crystal instead of Tetrerium and Plasma Charge to require 3 x Ferron instead of Tetrerium
  • Fixed Thruster achievements (they were not progressing past 1)
  • Added a rotating automatic save system, which always stores the last 3 autosaves that you can choose from when something unexpected happened
  • Clicking "Retry" on the gameover screen will now open the load game menu
  • Added more resources in the desert
  • Fixed and improved the display of the guiding compass task markers
  • Reduced ANIs fall damage by 20%
  • Increased ANIs Plasma Charge damage by 25%
  • Fixed a few typos
  • Fixed a possible dead-end when first returning from the desert after the third sandstorm
  • Fixed a problem with ANIs behavior in the ice cave
  • Adjusted the volume of a series of voiceovers
  • Fixed a dead end due to a wrong condition if ANI was found before Sister's CommArray was repaired
  • Improved ANIs pathing through portals that ION made
  • Added an option to disable the UI for screenshots or video recording purposes. Toggle it with F3.
  • Increased the movement speed of ION and ANI: 20% with the Hybrid Thruster, more noticeably when sprinting and sideways.
  • Reduced energy consumption from sprinting by 30%.
  • Fixed a problem with the compass not switching further after repairing the third radio tower. No replay needed. Your old savegames should work fine now.
  • Fixed a problem with the compass not switching further after returning to the forest with 12 Tetrerium and the radio stations fixed, synched and having called P1 for the second time.
  • Added a significant amount of additional resources in the desert and western forest areas.
  • Improved the timing of a series of voiceover dialogs.
  • Fixed a bug that caused ANI to fall from the Skyscraper once getting in range. And falling from skyscrapers usually hurts. We don't want to hurt ANI.

We added a distance display for ANI. The number below her icon on the HUD shows the distance between her and ION in meters.

Furthermore we a added a distance display for task markers on the compass to give you a better idea how far away the location is.

Further changes:

  • Changed the sprint mode to a sprint toggle (read: auto-sprint). Hit the sprint button once and sprint mode is enabled (if energy is above 20%), hit it again and sprint mode is off.
  • Reduced the effect of ANI slowing down due to her corrosion level.
  • Difficulty balancing: Slightly reduced the damage of the stone giant attacks
  • Difficulty balancing: Added a 10% miss rate for the sand worms and tumblers
  • Fixed a bug preventing Attractor or Memory Upgrade to get unlocked when specific events or triggers are missed.
  • Made sure that Attractor and Thruster are disabled during the endgame sequence.

Full change list:

  • Important: On controllers the B button now opens the Library (there was a control binding missing for this action). Since that button was previously bound to "Interact" (scanning resources, activating objects), interaction is now on the A button. Please keep that in mind when you're using your controller after this update. We had to revert the control bindings to the defaults for internal reasons, apologies for that!
  • Increased the highlights of UI objects, which is especially helpful for controller users as they don't have a mouse showing them exactly what element they are hovering.
  • Fixed library handling for controllers. Scrolling down in the text box (if the text is longer than the box) is a bit tricky, though. To do that, controller users have to navigate all the way to the bottom of the list, then the text box gets focused and you can navigate down/up to scroll. To go back up to the list and select another library entry, navigate the stick to the left. For Keyboard+Mouse users everything stays the same, except they can now use the directional keys to scroll down the list of library entries.
  • Fixed a bug when using the controller in the inventory and getting stuck after using a power-up, which required reopening the inventory.
  • Fixed the resolution dropdown for controller users.
  • Fixed a rare bug that would cause ION to fall through the ground on loading any savegame.
  • Increased visibility of distant compass resource icons.
  • Increased ANI's attack rate.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Attractor or Memory Upgrade to get unlocked when specific events or triggers were skipped. Reload your savegames and they should be in your inventory ready to get crafted.
  • Changed the desert terrain texturing and reduced the sediments that looked like "paths" but were too steep to climb.
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