Pro Cycling Manager 2006

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3D - Correction to a few problems that causes the occasional crash on certain PCs. - High options (1 texture per cycliste, level 4 of public) are now available only with a 256 Mo GPU. Database - SuperPrestige points added for climber and points jerseys. Corrects bug whereby goals that included these jerseys could not be attained. Stages - Update to Tour of Portugal - Tennis court removed from route on the 1st stage of the DauphinЁ¦ Libre (70km) - Correction to allocation of bonuses on 4th stage of Tour of Austria (Individual time-trial) Race Mode - Increase in time-gap for tail enders before elimination from a stage race. Reduces number of riders eliminated, especially in hilly/mountain stages. - Correction to bug which enabled energy to be saved during a race (widely exploited in online games). - Button added enabling export of a TXT file with list of race starters. All exports will be saved to a directory called "exported results". - Correction to a display bug affecting "Sprint" tab on the in-race info page for arrivals in the mountains. Career Mode - Corrects a bug which may prevent a career being continued beyond 5th February 2006 - Correction to bug whereby no more staff (especially trainers) were available. - Correction to display bug on Manager page which occurs from 2007 - Link to teams on the results page of team time-trials now functions correctly - Correction to bug on Training page which allowed figures of over 100% to be displayed in progress table - Progression of riders (especially young riders) : the peloton now progresses more slowly across a career, especially when crossing experience thresholds. - Race days are now counted from start of race, even if rider abandons. - Correction to bug affecting contract renewals. Various - Correction to bug in exported results where "ST" was displayed instead of rider's time. - Rider's average attribute figure is updated when game is started - Sort by surname (and not by forename) in result tables. Multiplayer - Correction to loading of a multiplayer game (season and tour modes) - Ladder mode : "Pause" available at start of race - x2 speed available at the end of a race - New stages available in ladder mode