Resident Evil 5 "Ultimate Jill over Sheva VERISON 2.0"

Имя файлаultimate_jill_over_sheva_project_v2.0.exe
Размер139.4 Мб
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Описание и инструкции

Мод полностью заменяет Шеву на Джилл (все модели, меню, текст и т.д. )

Автор: Wizard

Подробное описание на английском
What this mode does:
Jill BSAA over Sheva Plain - Works 100%, No Crashes
Jill BSAA over Sheva Default/Normal - Works 100%, No Crashes
Jill BSAA Over Sheva BSAA + Vests (All Vests) - Works 100%, No Crashes
Jill BSAA S.T.A.R.S reskin(By chavoaguila) over Sheva Business - Works 100% , No Crashes
Jill Battlesuit over Sheva Clubbin - Works 100%, No Crashes
Jill BSAA Blood Fury Reskin over Sheva Tribal - Works 100%, No Crashes
Px4 Over Default M92F Handgun (Image, Gun Model, Gun Sounds) - Works 100%, No Problems
Jill BSAA's head over Sheva BSAA's in cutscenes, not replaced over Clubbin, Tribal or Business, Works 100%, No Problems
Several text based adjustments made in-game (ENGLISH ONLY) and image adjustments made in the menus (SOME ARE ENGLISH ONLY)
s511 Stage (6-2 Boss Fight) Edited, I changed the stages CHN file so Clubbin & Tribal Model swaps would no longer crash! : )
-NEW- V2.0 - Jill now has all of her animations, except for sweep kick due to hit-box issues. All other animations are fully working for all costumes.
-NEW - V2.0 - 6-3 Crash with Battle-suit jill is now fixed (Via editing the stage's CHN file itself)
-NEW- V2.0 - To ensure all players don't crash, all of the Jill & Sheva SE Files have been added separately. Also Jill's knife (WP_24) sound files added to ensure smooth gameplay.


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