Resident Evil

Resident Evil HD Remaster "REHDHook" v1.0.0.7

Описание и инструкции

Автор: atom0s

Описание: Программа скриптовых модификаций и твиков.


-Скрыть курсор мыши.

-Пропускать анимацию открытия дверей.

-Показать FPS.

-Повысить производительность FPS.

-Показать шкалу здоровья.

-Показать внутриигровой таймер.

-Настройка графических пресетов.

Инструкции: Скачать. Распаковать. Содержимое папки "REHDHook_v1.0.0.7" копировать в директорию игры. Запустить файл "Launcher.exe" и указать путь к EXE'шнику игры (bhd.exe)

*в игре клавиша тильда "~" вызывает консоль.

**пример: как активировать doorskip мод - прописать в консоли /addon load doorskip а затем прописать /doorskip on

***пример: как активировать automousehide мод - прописать в консоли /addon load automousehide

   [ADD] Added new configurations for changing the console font family used.
    [ADD] Added new configurations for changing the console font size used.
    [ADD] Added new configuration for changing the maximum visible line count of the console.
    [CHG] The console will now properly align and size to the font used.
    [FIX] Fixed an issue that would cause typing into the console at high fps rates to spam keys fast.
    [ADD] Added configurations to speedtimer addon.

    [ADD] Added new shader to Effects: SinCity

    [CHG] Changed the default console key to ~ (tilde, the button next to the number 1).
    [FIX] Fixed the FPS addon displaying incorrectly after the changes to how render calls work.
    [FIX] Fixed a bug that would prevent certain keys from being bound to properly.
    [FIX] Fixed a bug that would prevent the console from being able to handle bound keys while typing.
    [ADD] Added a new addon; fpsfix.
    [ADD] Added new texture hooking resolution fix for low-end systems.

    [CHG] REHDHOOK_INTERFACE_VERSION bumped to 1.02! (Plugins need to be recompiled with the new SDK.)
    [ADD] XRemap has a new configuration option to enforce rumbling.
    [ADD] XRemap can now fully block a controller button if the configuration is set to -1.
    [ADD] Updated the launcher to include hot-links to open the changelog and documentation folder.
    [ADD] Updated the launcher to include a paypal donation button.
    [CHG] Changed the icon of REHDHook and the launcher.
    [CHG] Changed the look of the closing dialog when you attempt to force-click the game window.
    [CHG] Changed the order in which plugins and font objects render. (Plugins -> Font Objects)
    [CHG] Changed where plugins are told to render. Instead, Render is now called during Present.
    [ADD] Added new plugin 'Effects' which implements post-processing AA effects via SMAA.
    [ADD] Added documentation for bundled plugin commands.
    [ADD] Added documentation for bindable keys.
    [FIX] Fixed a bug that allowed the console to attempt to handle the key that toggles it.

    [CHG] Plugin interface version has changed to 1.01! (Plugins need to be recompiled with the new SDK.)
    [ADD] Added configuration options to override the window size.
    [FIX] Fixed a bug with the configuration manager not using boolean values properly.
    [ADD] Added the hook version to the launcher.
    [ADD] The launcher will now auto-close when injection is completed successfully.
    [ADD] Added automousehide, doorskip, and speedtimer addons to the release package.
    [ADD] Added some more documentation.
    [CHG] Changed the Changelog format some.
    [CHG] Removed console key configuration from rehdhook.xml, it is now inside of the Default.txt
    [ADD] Added screen size overriding allowing users to render the game at any resolution they want.
    [ADD] Added screen size aspect resolution overriding too. (Use these features with caution!)
    [ADD] Added new screenshot plugin. (Allows plugins to be saved in bmp, jpg and png formats.)
    [FIX] Fixed FPS plugin displaying double the fps.
    [ADD] Added Direct3DPrePresent and Direct3DPostPresent calls to plugins. (Not added to addons since they can't make use of it.)
    [ADD] XRemap plugin is now part of the main release package.

    [FIX] Fixed console lines overrunning when newlines are used. (May has have some left-over bugs, we'll see!)
    [FIX] Fixed a bug with the configuration manager not loading files properly.

    [FIX] Fixed a left-in bug for setting the window to an invalid style.
    [ADD] Added /quit as a console command to also exit the game immediately.
    [CHG] Changed the way the console is first initialized.
    [CHG] Changed the way the console handles when the device is reset.
    [FIX] Fixed a bug in the example addon. (Was missin the common require.)
    [ADD] Added configuration option 'console_key' to allow users to bind the console to their own desired key.
    [ADD] Added key bind commands to the console.
    [ADD] Added healthbar addon.
    [ADD] Added fps addon. (Displays the current game FPS.)
    [ADD] Added mem:AllocMemory to addons.
    [ADD] Added mem:DeallocMemory to addons.
    [ADD] Added documentation.
    [ADD] Added ExamplePlugin.7z which contains an example plugin source code for REHDHook.

    Initial release; no changes to report.


скрин без использования


скрин вызова консоли


скрин с использованием


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    гораздо удобнее все нужные команды ввести сразу в Default.txt который находится по пути \REHDHook\Scripts

    в графе Load Default Plugins под строкой /load addons напишем например

    /addon load automousehide
    /addon load doorskip
    /doorskip on
    /addon load fpsfix
    /addon load healthbar
    /addon load speedtimer

    чтобы всё выглядело таким образом

    # Load Default Plugins

    /load addons
    /addon load automousehide
    /addon load doorskip
    /doorskip on
    /addon load fpsfix
    /addon load healthbar
    /addon load speedtimer

    # Bind Default Keys
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    Спасибо за дельный совет ))))
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    Не понял что и как?
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    мне хватает и /addon load fpsfix
    все остальное портит атмосферу
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    На удивление не запускает speedtimer все сделала по инструкции... :(