Saints Row 4 "Увеличение сложности игры"

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Intensive Hardcore Mod

Мод увеличивает сложность игры.

Установка: распакуйте файлы из архива в директорию игры ( Steam\ steamapps\ common\ Saints Row IV \ )


08.26.2013 - Version 1.0
-increased prices to ammo,upgrades,vehicle tuning,weapons and weapon upgrades
-carry less ammo
-takes longer to level up
-bigger cache penalty when you die
-greater delay between "cache-outs"
-can no longer upgrade to no damage anymore(ex:fire,bullets,explosions,etc)

08.27.2013 - Version 1.1
-Fixed some ammo issues
-Golden CID flees faster than before,chasing it down won't be so easy anymore even with upgraded sprint
-Buffed up the Wardens a little bit;also the sequence when you absorb a Warden is much more challenging than before
Notoriety changes:
-Past gangs will spawn only at level 2 notoriety and they possess superpowers(they are pretty tough)
-It takes longer to attain a new notoriety level(especially from level 2 to 3,letting you have fun with the past gangs)

08.28.2013 - Version 1.2
-Past gangs will have better superpowers (the custom ones I made)
-Virus injection (survival) is harder
-You will encounter more high ranked Zin forces than before

08.29.2013 - Version 1.3
Notoriety changes:
-Level 2:You encounter weak superpowered past gang members
-Level 3:You encounter strong superpowered past gang members
-Level 4:You encounter a very strong superpowered alien specialist,sort of a miniboss which will turn your world upside down (you can distinguish him from the other aliens by his blueish accesories )
-enhanced player ragdoll damage
-less rewards from killing Golden CID
-harder "genkispam" survival instances (going to modify all the survival instances soon)

08.31.2013 - Version 1.4
-all the survival missions have been modified to bring the most challenging experience
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