Sid Meier's Civilization 5

Sid Meier's Civilization 5 "Advanced Naval Units Version 8"

Описание и инструкции

Мод добавляет 138 новых вариантов морских юнитов включая корабли, подводные лодки, ракетные крейсера для эпохи Первой мировой войны, Второй мировой войны и нового времени.




Установка: поместить файл в C:\Users\Имя пользователя\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS


Advanced Naval Units Version 8

This mod contains a 138 new units consisting of Surface Ships, Submarines, Land Units (Marines and Special Forces) and Missiles for use in Civ V. Some special effects include amphibious ships which is an alternate carrier, a submarine aircraft carrier (Japan only), and Amphibious Special Forces for all Civilizations and new Marine units.

This mod incorporates


--- Credit Faustaud

Over 100 ships have been added so far - What are you waiting for?


This mod

REQUIRES - Brave New World (BNW)

Try out my new mod Advanced Ground Units it is now open for PUBLIC BETA release

Also - You guys asked for it, and here it is.. the MEGA MOD is now out (all 3 of my mods combined into 1 download)

This mod adds 113 new ships (36 from me, 71 from ENI mod), 6 new aircraft, 15 new land units, and 4 new missiles to the game for...

A Grand Total of 137 NEW UNITS

For a complete ship list see my


- Does not play well with R.E.D. Modpack, Ethnic Units, Enhanced Naval Immersion or Companion Mod, or any mod that changes the default Marine unit.

If using Yet (not) Another Earth Map Pack for your map, use JFD's new version (version 23). It can be found at the following link ---

(you will have to do some manual work to install it, follow the directions)


- Currently there is an issue with Strategic View where ship icons multiply for some unknown reason. I have no known solution for this issue, it could very well be a bug caused by Firaxis. I apologize ahead of time if you play in strategic view a lot, this mod will cause major issues for your game.

FEATURES with DLL - Various Mod Components

 This mod was designed to use promotions and features from DLL - Various Mod Compoenents by WHoward69. They have been taken out of my mod in an effort to help those with save game issues. They can however be downloaded and installed by themselves if you so wish to have them in your game.

Steps - Create a new folder in My Documents/My Games/Sid Meiers Civiliziation V/MODS directory with the name of the mod you are going to download. Once mod is downloaded, extract into created folder, check as active in mods menu in game, and tada, there ya go. -- There is no more LUA coding in this mod, sorry everyone, was causing save/load conflicts, this would have to be addressed in a DLL.


 - If you encountered the Steam Workshop bug, where you click subscribe but nothing happens. Go to My Documents/My Games/Sid Meiers Civilization V/cache directory and delete everything. (clear your cache). Restart the game, and let all your mods redownload. Try again from there, or simply use the Manual download option I have provided above. Extract the mod to My Docs/My Games/SM Civ V/MODS directory.

If you experience issues using IGE and my mod, follow the crashes/freezes section on the IGE mod page. This is an issue with your graphics card and Firaxis, not my mod.

A Great Troubleshooting Page that might help if you have issues

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