Soldier of Fortune 2: Double Helix

Soldier of Fortune 2 v1.04 Unofficial

Описание и инструкции

Readme File:
Unofficial 1.04 mod


Welcome to UNF104!
This mod is totally unofficial and
not supported by Raven Software in any way.

Installation :
1. Upgrade Soldier of Fortune II to version 1.03


3. Unzip to your Soldier of Fortune II directory

4. Run the included "unf104.bat" file or create a
shortcut to "sof2mp.exe" with the command line
"+set fs_game unf104"

Client commands :

ready Set your status to ready or not ready in ready-up mode.

matchinfo none|r|b Display current match settings for both
or specified team, same information as
calling the info team command, information such
as current invited spectators, lock statuses.

+button14 Quick grenade key
- press to swith to grenade & pull pin
- release to throw grenade and switch to previous weapon

say_teamnl message text Team message without the location indicator besides your name.

ui_stats Brings up player stats menu.

tkforgive Forgive the last team mate to cause you damage

non-menu Client CVARs :

cg_radar_x 0|629 Change radar X position
default: 520

cg_radar_y 10|469 Change radar Y position
default: 10

cg_radar_s 10|480 Change radar size
default: 120

cg_radar_a 0.0|1.0 Change radar transparency
default: 0.75

cg_maxBodies 8+ Change max amount of dead bodies
default: 8

cg_friendlyNameHeight 0+ Height above heads that team mate
default: 16 names are drawn (cg_drawFriend 2)

cg_friendlyNameAlpha 0.1-1.0 Change friendly name/chat transparency
default: 0.75

cg_teamChatsSeparate 0|1 Disable / Enable separate team chat and global chat areas
default: 0

cg_shotgunBlood 0+ Disable / Enable display of blood using shotgun event
default: 2 A value greater than one devides the amount of possible
blood by that value.

cg_forceRadarUpdate 0|1 Disable / Enable retrieving team mate position & angle
default: 0 when you normally would not get such information

namepass password Set if you require a password to use your name

Team Leader commands :

A teams leader is the first person to join the team
or someone who is made team leader by a previous one

teamready Force each member of your team to be ready in ready-up mode.

delegate name|id# Delegate team leadership to specified player

lock Allow or disallow team joining for your team.

remove none|id# Remove player from locked team or, if none specified, everyone

invite name|id# Invite specified player to your locked team

specinvite none|id# Allow certain spectators to watch your team by inviting
specuninvite them, specify which player with [id#], uninvite them the
same way, or uninvite everyone spectating your team by
not specifiying an id#.

timeout If timeouts are allowed on the server, your team can call
timein a timeout for a specified amount of time (game is paused),
you can wait out the timeout, or resume gameplay by issuing
a timein command.

Chat Tokens :

#h Inserts your current numerical health with colorcoding in lowercase and without it in uppercase.

#a Inserts your current numerical armor with colorcoding in lowercase and without it in uppercase.

#d Inserts the name of the last player that hurt you.

#t Inserts the name of the last player that you hurt.

#f Inserts the name of the closest teammate.

#l Inserts your current location. Note: useful in tandem with the say_teamnl
#L command (which is a team message without the location). Useful if you want
to format it with special colors.

#i Inserts the name of your currently equipped handgun, if you use the
#I token in upper case it will print a short name for the weapon.

#p Inserts the name of your currently equipped primary weapon, if you
#P use the token in lower case it will print a short name for the weapon.

#s Inserts the name of your currently equipped secondary weapon,
#S if you use the token in lower case it will print a short name for the weapon.

#g Inserts the name of your currently equipped grenade, for the weapon.
#G if you use the token in lower case it will print a short name

#e Inserts the name of your current equipment (armor, nightvision, infrared).

#B Inserts your current health in a nice bar format.

#b Inserts your current armor in a nice bar format.

Server CVARs :

match_swap 0|1|2 0 - never swap anything
default: 0 1 - When score limit is hit swap objectives and skins.
When old score + scorelimt is hit, declare winner.
Returns to warmup period after swap.
NOTE : Team colours remain unchanged
2 - Same as 1, except whole team is swapped instead
of objectives & skins. Score is recorded and
then zeroed out. Total calc'd at end.

match_readypercent percentage 0+ Percentage of ready players needed to start a game
default: 100 in ready-up mode If set, players will need to
declare themselves ready using the "
eady" command

match_timeoutcount amount [0,x] Maximum amount of timeouts for each team per map
default: 3

match_timeoutlength seconds [0,x] Duration of timeouts in seconds
default: 180 Note: setting this to 999 means timeouts will be unlimitted

g_minplayers minimum [0,x] Minimum number of players (per team) before
default: 4 game will begin / warmup will end

match_enabled off|on [0,1] Enabled / disable match features
default: 0

g_proMode 0|1|2 0 - Disabled (Normal SoF2 + bug fixes)
default: 0 1 - Enabled (bugs fixes + gameplay changes)
2 - Cna change weapons while reloading.

g_hudHelp off|on [0,1] Enables / disables client options to help newbies.
default: 0

g_coloredTeamplayNames off|on [0,1] Allow coloured names during team game.
default: 0

g_logAddtional off|on [0,1] Log additional info about deaths
default: 0 (Hit location, hit direction etc)

rmg_fog_amount 0-5 Set amount of fog used for RMG based maps.
default: 4 0 - none
1 - Light
2 - Moderate
3 - Heavy
4 - Full

g_profanityCheck 0|1|2 0 - Disable checking names/text for 'naughty' words
default: 1 1 - Check names/text for naughty words, banning/kicking them
once they reach a certain limit
2 - Same as 1, but KILL them as well.

g_profanityLimit 0|1+ 0 - Unlimited swearing
default: 6 1+ - Can be caught swearing this many times
before being kicked / banned.

g_profanityBanTime 0|1+ 0 - Do not ban swearers, only kick them
default: 5 1+ - Ban swears for X minutes

g_wordConfig Set to location of wordlist
(for profanity checking)
default: configs/wordlist.cfg

g_nameConfig Set to location of namelist
(for password/GUID protected names)
default: configs/namelist.cfg

Changed Sof2 CVARs :

g_doWarmup **REMOVED**

g_warmup Set to declare warmup / half-time length.

bot_enable off|on [0,1] Set to enable bots
NOTE : needs .wps files for each map

bot_minplayers min per team Set to automatically add bots to keep this
default: 0 amount of people on each team

g_motd Can contain several lines, using up to 64 characters per line
Separate lines using '
ie. set g_motd "This is the first line
This is the second line

Server commands :

addbot [skill 1-5] [team] [msec delay] [altname]
Use to add a bot manually

Use to pause / unpause the game

Some new features:

improved shotgun fix
- 50% more pellets
- default damage
- default range

added option for 'very high gore'
Is actually more like default SoF2, its just that
people have probably got used to reduced gore
- spurting blood from dismemberments

added option for EXTREME gore
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