Soldier of Fortune

Soldier of Fortune "Патч Plus"

Описание и инструкции

SoFplus - client version 20130606

Неофициальный патч на игру Soldier of Fortune добавляет WideScreen разрешения а также возможность запуска на современных операционных системах и драйверах. Более ( Extension Limit on) не требуется. Также добавляет поддержку 44 и 48 KHz audio.

Widescreen (short screen) video mode support, including FOV fixes and menu modifications
Support for modern graphics cards
Extra menus to configure settings, create color names, vote, store server settings
Support for backup GameSpy master server, in case the official master server is down
New commands and cvars for improved scripting capabilities. Several example scripts are provided inside the pakfiles.
Force full-violence mode by default. No more annoying connection refused / violence settings are incompatible messages.
Enable console by default. Just press '~' or 'ESC' to enable the console.
Screenshots in PNG format instead of TGA.
Mumble positional audio. To configure Mumble for positional audio: Go to the 'configure', 'settings' menu. Check 'advanced'. Check 'Link to Game and Transmit Position'. Enable 'Link'. Look at the Mumble website for more information.
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