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Welcome to Spider-Man? Movie README.RTF - Patch v1.3

Created: May 28, 2003

This patch is intended for use on the US version of SPIDER-MAN MOVIE only.

This document contains useful information for SPIDER-MAN MOVIE PATCH v1.3. Please look over this document carefully for any questions that you may have about the game. If you are looking for further answers, please visit our website at.

I. Installation Instructions

WARNING!!! You will not be able to use any prior save games after installing this patch!


- To Install Spider-Man Movie Patch v1.3, first double-click on the Spider-Man Patch v1.3.exe file.
- Check to see that your system meets the minimum system requirements and select Next to continue.
- Check the readme to see pertinent information regarding this patch, then select Next to continue.
- Check to see that the destination directory is the directory where you installed the game, then select Next to install the patch.

PLEASE NOTE: If you install the patch to the wrong directory or cancel the patch installation during the actual installation process, then you will need to reinstall "Spider-Man Movie" before you can apply the patch correctly. Also, if you need to reinstall the patch, please reinstall the game prior to reinstalling the patch.
Patch Fixes v1.3

-Fixed an issue that resulted in the Training missions not working properly with certain Pentium 4 processors.

-Fixed an issue that prevented digital controllers with less than 8 buttons from working properly.
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