StarDrive 2

StarDrive 2 "Master Reborn v.1.0"

Описание и инструкции

Мод добавляет множество элементов, объектов, кораблей и измсеняет гемплей.

Version 1.0 Apr 30 For those who adore challenge like I do and consider the in-game Master of Orion II a child's play. Here's the TRUE MASTER reborn. Mind you he eats 10 previous Masters for breakfast. Battle arena mission included for you to try out. 99 000 coins Features 1. Masters now have a special device called MASTERS CORE which provides some shielding, excellent damage reduction, ECM protection, aiming defence, huge energy stores, power production, regenerates itself, fires energy torpedoes and has some thrust so that even with its engines down any master vessel doesn't stop moving. Smaller cores have fast firing heavy punch PD weapons but are nothing compared to bigger options found only on Titan class ships. 2. Huge Canopy shielding 3. Enveloping EMP cannon has it's blast duration set to 0. It's a nice way of cheating ATM so instead they draw almost all power away from any ship other than The Master of Orion. Otherwise with no EMP protection it's too easy to defeat any single vessel. 4. Gauss cannons no longer penetrate shields.