StarDrive "Tech Level Mod V1.08F"

Описание и инструкции

Мод добавляет большое количество новых технологий, объектов, кораблей и случайных событий.

793 New Modules. Mk2 - Mk6 versions of almost all the vanilla modules in the game plus custom modules, they get significantly more powerful with each level. Gain the upper hand with tech, and blow your enemies away. Fall behind and suffer the consequences.
273 New technologies to research and discover. Right Click and Drag on the Technology screens to see them all.
1325 New ship designs for you and the AI to clobber each other with.
380 redesigned vanilla ships to bring them more in line with the mod and provide a greater challenge. Some are slight changes, others have been completely redone. I tried to keep Zero's original weapon styles in most cases.
Remnant ships now use special remnant technology that is Mk3 enhanced.
Corsair ships are now Mk6.
Starting prototype ships are now a valuable ship, Mk3-Mk5 depending on race. All different but roughly equal in overall power.
New crash sites with many new possible finds, some of which can dramatically alter the course of the game!
New finds in Mysterious Tomb and Abandoned Mines.
New anomalies and resources.
Nine new armors with exponentially increasing strength, no two the same color plus recolored steel and plasteel.
New lines of armored Anti-Matter reactors, Command Modules, Warp Inhibitors, Shields, Ordnance Storage and more. Most modules can have armor now except weapons.
Complete rebalancing of vanilla modules.
Tweaking of existing buildings, plus a many new buildings for your planets including Missile Base, Planetary Mega Shield, Mega Warehouse, Planetary Industrial Parks and more.
New layouts for Station and Platform Base, plus they are now known as Battle Station and Defense Platform.
Enhanced AI's desire to expand, AI has been observed colonizing up to five planets simultaneously and expands more overall.
New layouts for Yamamoto and Alpha.
New lines of weapons including Overloaded Beams, Junior Quantum Torpedos, Phoenix Cannons, Heavy Cannons, Deck Guns and Maser Beams.
New lines of Maneuvering Thrusters, Large Cargo Holds and Station Command. Plus added Medium Cargo Holds.
New cargo hold types for colony ships, adds extra food or production to the planet when colonized.
New Shipyard. It has combat abilities and repairs ships. And comes in Mk2-Mk6 versions also.
Repair Drones have been replaced with Repair Bays, much better repair rate, but needs to be on carrier or capital ships and well supplied.


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