Super Dungeon Tactics

Super Dungeon Tactics "Update 1.2"

Описание и инструкции


28 Achievements, 6 New Mini-Quests, End Encounter Stats, and a multitude of usability updates!

Here is a detailed list of everything in the update:


28 Achievements Added

6 Mini-Quests Added

  • Holy Intervention - Kobolds storm the Eternal Grounds, it seems they wish to be sent along the path of Light.
  • Locked Up - Gather as much as you can but stay alive or you lose it all!
  • Challenge - Crystal Death - Death Spectres, Dust Mages, and Dread Knights, oh my! The undead army is strong with this one.
  • Challenge - Come Out to Play - Kobolds return with a new approach: quality over quantity. Deal with their beefy baddies!
  • Curfew Roundup - Take three heroes out to the fishing village, collect the villagers, and bring them back to town.
  • Farmers Strike Back - Send a guard to watch over the farms, but is it even needed?

End Encounter Panels

  • Encounter Stats - Damage dealt, symbols rolled, time taken, and so much more
  • Loot Drops - Loot, loot, and more loot! See the breakdown of what you earned each encounter.

Usability Updates

  • Damage and Healing previews, no need to keep checking the ability text
  • Select units to preview movement ranges, see how far enemies can move
  • Cards now display activation status, know who has already activated at a glance
  • Objectives are now sorted, keeping active tasks at the top
  • Select a unit by clicking on their card, stop looking for characters across the map
  • End a multi-attack sequence through the ability wheel, no more attacking the darkness needed
  • Dice symbol tooltips reworded to be less confusing
  • Hero Selection now combined with Hero Builder and renamed to Heroes. Add or remove heroes by right-clicking their portrait.

Input Changes

  • Escape Key now closes menus and tutorial popups contextually
  • Tab: Cycle forward through the active unit’s abilities
  • Shift + Tab: Cycle backward through the active unit’s abilities
  • NEW Q and E: Rotate camera
  • NEW Tilde: Cycle forward through units
  • NEW Shift + Tilde: Cycle backward through units

Brand New difficulty setting: Normal+. All the recovery benefits of Normal with all the stat adjustments of Veteran, this difficulty provides a smoother middle ground between them.

We've also added various sound effects to enhance story elements, creature believability, and user interactions.

Balance Changes

Death Recovery changed to Recovery, all heroes now recover the difficulty's amount between encounters, not just the fallen.
Increased hero count of Bottleneck bounty.
Questing Knight's "Turtle" blue specials no longer give Aggro and all Block values reduced by 1.
Death Spectre's "Absorption" and "Extra Absorption" now give Toughen status instead of healing to allow for overhealing.


Abilities (Blazing Hands, Slicing Stabaroo, Cursed Touch)

  • Blazing Hands now inflicts Tile Fire
  • Wayfar Fishing! now deals 5 damage
  • Slicing Stabaroo changed description to attack adjacent enemies
  • Cursed Touch now affects Wave 2
  • Deathly Touch now affects Wave 2, added Weaken status to description
  • Fiery Pwaacha! now affects Burst 1
  • Burning Pwaacha! now affects Burst 2
  • Deadly Burning Slash now inflicts Tile Fire, no longer self-inflicts Fire

Fixed inconsistent Wave attack pattern targeting
Fixed text overflow issues on various UI elements
Fixed incorrectly painted squares on Bottleneck bounty
Fixed incorrect speaker for end encounter dialogue in Score Settling
Added missing hero descriptions in Guildhall
While dragging a hero, releasing the mouse while outside of the movement zone no longer snaps unit back to original position
Movement zones now reflect the unit’s faction color
Action Wheel item selection should work better now
Active units should now be more noticeable
Items should now be sorting correctly in the inventory