Banner Saga 2

The Banner Saga 2 "Update 2.29.138"

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Changelog от 23.06.2016:


Hotfixed to 2.29.138

  • Fixed: Issue with 'Consequences' banner not populating at end of battle. This would happen when a 'generic' ally got injured in battle.
  • Fixed: issue with coloration of item buffs/debuffs sometimes being the wrong color (red/green for negative/positive)
  • Fixed: Typo appears in the "Intense Repossession" achievement title.
  • Fixed: Remove stray black line from Zefr's portrait

Build 2.29.105

  • This build addresses the memory leak and flickering-character issue, as well as some other more minor issues and improvements.
  • Changed: Match Resolution summary now shows injured units in the wrap-up. This shows up in a 'Consequences' section
  • Changed: Prevent duplicate items from appearing in markets when your caravan already has the item.
  • Changed: During intro tutorial, the pause/options menu has a button to SKIP TUTORIAL
  • Changed: Reduced game executable size, slightly improving startup time
  • Changed: Change caption of 'Assemble your Heroes' page so simply 'Heroes'
  • Fixed: The memory leak related flickering-character issue
  • Fixed: More minor memory leaks to improve stability during long play sessions
  • Fixed: Unable to unlock Fighting Force achievement upon meeting criteria
  • Fixed: Placeholder text when Stonesinger Ally appears in Chapter 13
  • Fixed: sav_finale_2 was not saving at the end of the game in some cases
  • Fixed: Typo corrections to several conversations
  • Fixed: Assemble Heroes screen returning to view briefly during the loading of some battles
  • Fixed: Kragswoman Skystriker (kragsman_02) blinking out at end of Rain of Arrows animation
  • Fixed: Master Tactician achievement not unlocking after completing a sparring battle with six rank 10 units
  • Fixed: Killing 3rd consecutive enemy using Cull the Weak on last enemy not completing the Objective
  • Fixed: Nid and Oddleif's activities in the Arberrang gate fight should be less error prone.

TBS2 Update #1 Patch Notes

Based on your reports and feedback, we've addressed some of the issues that you've raised. Several important issues, such as the Bolverk Training blockage, and Alette's Mend rank, have been fixed, along with a bunch of more minor adjustments and fixes. See below for a detailed list of the changes.

Build number 2.28.83

  • Trample Ability: Trample with Knockback item was causing the knockback to occur with the runthrough damage, before the final hit lands on the target. The knockback effect now applies only with the final hit of Trample.
  • Options Menu: The Soundtrack link now takes you to the correct place to purchase the original soundtrack (OST)
  • Fixed an issue causing Aleo to leave the roster in Lundar and never return, under certain story conditions. He now reliably returns to the roster after his mission.
  • Training Challenge: The challenge vs. Bolverk now spawns the correct number of Bolverk's allies. Higher ranked Bolverk was causing fewer of his allies to spawn. Bolverk is now clamped to rank 5 during this training challenge.
  • Soul Bond: Fixed a typo that incorrectly indicated that Soul Bond drained STR. The attack correctly drains WIL and the description has been corrected to reflect this.
  • Bear Rage: Bolverk's Bear Rage should no longer trigger the Dredge Shudder effect when activated next to a buffed Dredge.
  • Fighter Training: Fixed an issue allowing Iver to train more clansmen than are available, after the Oldwood.
  • General: Corrected a few typographical errors.
  • Optimization: Reduced memory footprint of Sigbjorn's portrait animation.
  • Achievement: Fixed an issue preventing Warmonger achievement progress from displaying in Steam.
  • Items: Omit several starting items from the marketplace. These items are obtained in Saga1, or awarded to new players in Saga2. These items include: Horseskor, Tortoise Band, Valka Thread, and Lightning Runestone.
  • Tryggvi: The first conversation with Tryggvi after Aleo's village was incorrect if he had been imported from Saga1. The content of this conversation now correctly reflects your past relationship with him.
  • Einartoft Bridge: Hakon was making a reference to your destruction of the Einartoft Bridge, even if you had not destroyed it. This is fixed.
  • Knockback: Some knockback effects were causing Barbed Stones and Troll Stones to get moved, although their visual display remained in the same location. This has been fixed.
  • Horseborn: Fixed issue causing Horseborn first ability maximum rank to appear to reset to 1 when leveling to rank 6, then increase again while leveling through 10.
  • Alette Mend: Alette's starting rank on Mend was not showing as expected when starting chapter 14 at high levels.
  • Startup: The startup time of the game on Windows has been dramatically improved
  • Skulkers: Invisible Skulkers were incorrectly targetable using the gamepad, or by clicking on the initiative bar. This has been fixed.
  • Umbrage: Fixed an issue that was causing Umbrage to incorrectly trigger Shudder when activated.
  • Injuries: Fixed an issue that was preventing injuries from applying to fallen heroes during battle. This was caused by the injury-prevention feature of Training (Sparring and Challenges) fro leaking over into regular battles.
  • Bear Rage: Fixed: Bolverk's Bear Rage was incorrectly indicating allies as targets, even though allies are unaffected.
  • Bear Rage: Fixed: Counter attack appears to trigger from Bear's Rage when being attacked by an archer, causing the frenzy counter attack to attack a melee opponent.
  • Bear Rage: Fixed: Using Bear Rage can cause enemies to move to an area unreachable by your characters.


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