Banner Saga 2

The Banner Saga 2 "Update 2.30.129"

Описание и инструкции

Changelog от 29.06.2016:


A new gameplay mode that is all about staying alive through as many battles as possible! Choose six heroes from most of the 40+ Banner Saga characters, then pit them against dredge, horseborn, bandits, and varl alike. Earn Renown and an item with each victory, unlock heroes to replace those who fall in battle, and upgrade the veterans who stay alive. To play, simply click on the Survival Mode banner on the start screen of Banner Saga 2.

Survival Details:

  • Choose 6 heroes from a full roster. After you begin, you can recruit more heroes with renown.
  • Your progress is saved, but you can only reload a battle a limited number of times. You have 3 reloads to start with and you gain 1 more reload ever 5 battles.
  • Heroes who fall in battle are _dead_ and can be given a Viking Funeral to regain some renown and recruit new heroes.
  • Heroes have no kill count requirement for promotion. If you have the renown, you can promote the hero.
  • Battles have a 30 second turn timer (and 60 second deployment timer) to keep the action moving quickly.
  • Battle turn order is fixed from the start, like pillage mode.
  • Scores are tallied and leaderboards are displayed for playing in Normal or Hard difficulty.
  • 12 new Survival mode achievements!
  • One enemy per battle spawns with an item equipped. Kill the enemy, and gain the item!
  • Every 5 battles offers the opportunity for a second wave of fighting, which opens up the possibility for additional renown and items.

Other Changes in Build 2.30.120:

  • Fix issue preventing '+x Renown' banners in battle from displaying the correct renown for higher ranked enemies
  • Fixed seam in baldrungr's godstone background sprites
  • Fix reversed red/green coloration on DRAWING AGGRO items description
  • Added 'Consequences' section on Match Resolution that displays Injuries (or Deaths, in Survival)



  • Для установки этого обновления, нужно установить предыдущее(иначе будут сбои). Версия 2.29.138
  • Распаковать содержимое архива в папку с игрой. Пример: E:\The Banner Saga 2
  • Играть