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The Binding of Isaac: "Genesis+"

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Welcome to a brand new expansion for The Binding of Isaac, this new expansion is gonna be the biggest you've ever seen for your favorite roguelike indie game! We are Nicalo and we are the development team of The Binding of Isaac Genesis+, we are currently with 12 members and this group will increase during the year, we will be working on this project for the whole year and we bring out daily updates so you guys can explore new content every single day!

- New Original Items
- New Monsters
- New Special Characters
- New Challenges
- New Rooms

- 90 NEW Items
- 30 NEW Enemies
- 500 NEW Rooms
- 7 New RoomTypes
- New Pickups
- New Cards
- 10 NEW Bosses
- 20 NEW Trinkets
- 200 NEW Costumes
- 10 NEW Transformations
- NEW Gameplay Mechanics
& Many Many More!

The Binding of Isaac Genesis+ Official Wiki:

Listen to the Official Soundtrack of Genesis+:

Check back next week for a new update of The Binding of Isaac Genesis+! We are so excited to keep bringing out more updates daily along the way, and we hope that you guys will love our mod. Enjoy!

if anyone uses work in the code directly via copy paste and not giving me any credit then please support my defence because we spend hours with working on this project and we wouldn't like to not have our work stolen.

Spriting: Langui, D3monPixel, GruTheTraitor, NixTheGlaceon, DeannThunder, and KevN El Cojo

Art: Sub

Coding:BroskiPlays, Sentinel, GoldFeniks,PandaGames, Exudias, and Ink Tears

RetroGamerSP and BroskiPlays

Music: BroskiPlays, Rhiley

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