This Is the Police

This Is the Police "Update 1.0.36 GOG"

Описание и инструкции


Fixed minor glitch in snow's shadow on the Map
Minor fixes to UI and text

Patch 1.0.34 (11 August 2016)

The option to retry if player fails the final assault
Fixed a problem with finishedfailed investigations
Fixed a bug in main menu that could let player skip days
Ignore SWAT upgrade request if SWAT is already maxed out
Work around for people who are stuck in days when Jack is in coma
Minor rebalance for some missions
Minor fixes to text

Patch 1.0.28 (08 August 2016)

Just a minor fix for the siren on the cards not showing up.

Patch 1.0.27 (08 August 2016)

Option disable gamepad input in options menu, also can be disabled by -disableGamepad launch option
Fixed number of frames that are shown for archived investigations
Possible fix for launching the game on Mac
Fixed invisible continue button in Mafia Wars results screen
Disabled aspect ratios over 169 until we fix this issue
Possible fix for failing missions when cops are send on a 000 timer
Fixed a scenario where it was possible to send detectives on 2 different investigations
Option to disable lens aberration effect
Fixed duration of a crime
Some minor performance optimizations
Minor fixes to text