Titan Quest

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition "Update 1.42"

Описание и инструкции

Update #7 Final(1.42)

22nd March 2017
- Fixed bug where pet tooltips do not update when players recieve +skill effects
- Fixed pets changing team to enemy in MP games
- Improved responsiveness of controls in dungeon areas
- Fixed crash when opening inventory that could happen on specific systems
- Fixed bug where number of processor cores could be detected incorrectly
- Fixed possible game crash related to save games system
- Fixed bug where savegame containing discovered map areas could get corrupted
- Fixed several areas where a "rubber banding" could happen.
- Fixed excessive fog in undeground levels
- Common monster items now show their affixes in their names and no longer have a special color
- Shrines now give their bonuses to everyone next to them when activated
- Distortion Wave now has a 10 second cooldown, decreasing by 3 seconds with each Modifier
- Susceptibility now also decreases Poison Resistance
- Defensive Reaction now also increases Bleeding Damage
- Unearthly Power now also increases Bleeding Damage
- Core Dweller's Wildfire now decreases Offensive Ability of enemies standing in the flames
- Core Dweller's Metamorphosis now gives 100-1000 Life instead of 10%-100%
- Wisp's Thunderclap now hits enemies reliably
- Slightly lowered Liche King's Wraith Shell absorption
- Numerous improvements to scripted scenes and NPC actors
- Fixed missing immunities on Minotaur, Mummy, Ratman and Reptilian heroes
- Increased damage of Gargantuan Yeti punches and Boar Snatcher bites
- Lowered damage scaling with difficulty on Sand Wraiths
- Increased size and health of Krog the Toothless
- Made a certain boss slightly less immune to Poison and Bleeding
- Added an unusual hero spawn
- Improved loot in Shadowmaw's chest
- Ichtian Tidal Orbs now do Cold damage instead of Elemental
- Adjusted skill progression with difficulty on some Ichtians
- Cyclops Elders shout less frequently
- Dragonian mages do not cast Storm Orbs quite as often
- Tweaked Dragonian mages' use of Reflection
- Updated Dissemination effect on enemy heal skills
- Fixed Poison Damage progression on Jacinto (Zombie hero)
- Fixed Stinging Nettle on Nesis Fleshmender (Satyr Hero)
- Fixed low health of some egyptian Zombie Captains
- Leimon and Jacinto (special Zombie heroes) give greater rewards
- Melinoe Blood Witches are more likely to wear equipment
- Centaurs are more likely to wear headgear
- The Bloated One is more likely to drop Albino Spider Webs
- Wraiths now have a chance to drop Spectral Matter
- Fixed some Diseased Plumages being compatible with weapons
- Increased Diseased Plumage Poison bonus by 5%.
- Prometheus' Gift now grants a custom variation of Earth Enchantment
- Crystal Tear (Artefact) now also increases Frostburn and Electric Burn damages
- Pets now prefer attacking enemies to smashing carts
- Improved display of enemy debuffs in the status bar
- Fixed pressed button icon on Concussive Damage skill
- Improved enemy texture variation system
- Improved Abyssal Liche death effects
- Improved Wraith and Liche animations
- Improved spider and Boar Snatcher web effects
- Added drop sound to the Cuneiform Tablet
- Fixed map trigger area being visible in front of Megara
- Fixed Chang'an gates not opening in spite of correct quest status
- Fixed Gorgon gate not opening in spite of correct quest status
- Fixed possible crash at Typhon release scene
- Fixed possible problem with Paseron rescue mission
- Various improvements to Russian and German texts
- Added Ukrainian text files

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