Titan Quest

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition "Update 1.44"

Описание и инструкции

Update #9 (1.44) Various gameplay fixes
26 июля - THQ Nordic
Gameplay Fixes
26th July 2017
- Fixed Act 4 weapon users doing too much physical damage
- Fixed Onslaught to work as originally intended, using only the charging aura
- Doubled Onslaught and Hamstring base values accordingly
- Blade Honing now works with Axes
- Lethal Strike now works with Axes
- Reduced natural defenses of Dactylus in favor of Hero classification & better gear
- Reduced damage of Nightstalker shadow spells
- Brontes and Steropes now use Cyclops Club Slams
- Added effect to Cyclops Stomp
- Added effect to Euryale when she casts her healing spell
- Fixed missing trace on a PC spear attack
- Hephaestus' Molten Shield, Hand and Seal are now a set
- Increased DA reduction on Painweaver bow to 80%
- Fixed missing links in Act 4 staff loot tables
- Further reduced intelligence suffixes apearing on melee weapons
- Fixed Boar Snatcher and Sand Queen achievements not being awarded at times
- Added achievement for Shadowmaw
- Reduced Avatar of Thanatos requirement to 500.000 kills
- Fixed game start crash caused by video memory check
- Removed "forceSingleProcessor" function, disabling this for everyone
- Added it as "useSingleProcessor" mode instead (use only for troubleshooting)
- Unified language menus with all options in their target language
- Misc text fixes

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