Virginia "Update 1.02 GOG"

Описание и инструкции

- Smoother feel to look controls, minimising the stuttering encountered by some players
- Faster menu transitions in the front end
- Performance optimisations in outdoor scenes
- Some fixes to non-English translations
- A variety of minor fixes and optimisations
- In the Image section of Settings we have replaced the High, Medium Low quality setting with per feature quality controls, to allow you more control over the look of the game, the details of which are below:
- Motion blur toggle. When enabled, fast camera motion produces a blurring effect, similar to that which you'd see in recorded film and television. You can turn off the effect, both for personal taste and to slightly reduce the performance impact of the game.
- Anti-aliasing toggle. When enabled, the anti-aliasing filter improves the overall quality of the image. You can turn off this effect to slightly reduce the performance impact of the game.
- Camera smoothing. When enabled, the camera movement is made less abrupt, to approximate the constraints of natural head movement. You can turn off this effect for less gentle, but more responsive camera control.

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