Warhammer 40.000: Sanctus Reach

Warhammer 40,000: Sanctus Reach "Update 1.0.14"

Описание и инструкции

• Added new multiplayer map 'Borderlands'
• Issues with debris tiles fixed
• Issues with hit chance being incorrectly reported fixed
• Fixed incorrect company symbol on "the great wolf strikes"
• Fast Attack units with movement remaining may move even after using all their fire actions
• Back from the Brink level - Fixes to LoS issues
• Skirmish Turn limits - Reduced turn limits on skirmish maps
• Fix to AI targetting - AI finds targets more often
• Fix to orks attacking wrecks too much, AI should only attack wrecks if they dont have a better target
• Fix to orks attacking droppods
• Increased points costs - Massively increased points cost for Knights and Logan
• Reaction fire bug - fixed a bug where units would only react when the target finished the movement. Would cause the gorkanought to hit himself.
• AP bug fixed- if a unit following up after a melee attack couldn't move to the tile they would gain lots of now AP
• Change to Jump units and massive vehicles - Jump and Giant units no longer get locked in combat and ignore ZoC
• Fix to Jump pack units - general fixes to how jump pack units move
• Change to Ork Rokkits - Ork Rokkits are now anti-armour weapons. Higher damage and armour piercing but less splash damage
• Script reduction - Did some script reduction, and moved some mapgen-only fns into their own file to save loadtime and memory.
• LoS/Cover Fix - Fixed various bugs that were causing LoS and Cover to not work correctly
• XP / Abilities bug - Fixed a bug that causing units to occasionally not get abilities
• Melee Shock - Fixed a bug where Melee attacks weren't causing Morale reduction
• Super Heavy Melee - Increased Knight and Gorkanaut Melee damage, now fixed (was supposed to be in last patch)
• Skirmish Force Selection - Campaign Skirmishes will now attempt to pick your levelled-up units first in the Selection Pool
• Force points rebalance - Slight rebalance of force points cost
• Power Armour Increase - Slightly increased the effectiveness of Power Armour
• Reaction Display Bug - Fixed Reaction Display Tiles that were showing the wrong information
• Transports – loading/unloading now takes 1 action (a way to prevent infantry unloading, shooting and reloading as it’s an exploit, especially for MP)
• View Shading Option - Added View Shading option to the options menu. With this option, units are lit from all angles, making them stand out more
• Fixed jumpack units - Fixed a bug that prevented Jumpack units from firing when hovering above terrain fixed
• Spirit of the Wolf Ability - Fixed a bug that was causing Spirit of the Wolf to heal Vehicles
• Scorched Knight Lore "oversight" - After "Sky Hunt" The Scorched Knight will no longer appear in Skirmish battles (because he's supposed to be dead!)

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