WWE 2K17

WWE 2K17 "Seth Rollins 2K18 Port MOD"

Описание и инструкции

Мод был сделан специально для этого сайта !  

Автор: Alex Hasbro

Seth Rollins был взят из WWE 2k18

Мод заменяет Оригинальную одежду Seth Rollins

Изменены Анимации выхода на ринг и после победы над соперником как в WWE 2k18,Titatrons,Minitron и Walltrons

Внимание: Если после установки модов игра вылетает Установите Fix Mod

Установка: Запустите установку и укажите коренную папку игры (WWE 2k17)

Комментарии (9)
all your mods are fucking (freakin) amazing keep it up you are one of the reasons i keep wwe 2k17 on my hard but really hope to find a fix for the loading screen 5 to 10 min time after installing the mods without sacrfice them
Влад Друзь #
There is no correction for the screen from 5 to 10 minutes after the installation of mods
Влад Друзь
how ! before i install any mods to my game the game was skip the loading screen in less than 2 min and recently i have to wait 5 to 10 min
Влад Друзь #
it's all mods!
i know and i don't want to uninstall them from the game to make it loads normally in less than 2 min i just asking if there is a way to reduce the loading time with keeping the mods
Влад Друзь #
please make this attire an alternate 2 it's great but also the original sr attire best to be kept in the game .. if you don't have enough time you could give me a tutorial link about make attires alt and i would appreciate your help very much
Влад Друзь #
Attire 10 Max !
i know i meant to replace this attire with any of the 9 alternates instead of the original one because i and maybe others prefer to keep the original attires