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XCOM 2 "The Shock Trooper Class" v 1.3 (updated)

Описание и инструкции

Мод добавляет в игру новый класс бойца "Shock Trooper"
С этим модом крайне рекомендуется использовать SMG мод.


1. Распаковать в \XCOM 2\XComGame\Mods\
2. Отредактировать файл: \XCOM 2\XComGame\Config\DefaultModOptions.ini
3. Добавить в конец файла запись вида: ActiveMods="631056086"

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  • а описная к нему нет?
    только тестить?
  • ха!
    а с этим классом и flame mod не нужен
  • xoen #

    Note: The disorient, burn, and panic chances of all three FireStarter abilities are configurable in XcomShocktrooperAbilities.ini

    Squaddie: Momentum and Flame Burst
    Momentum will grant the Shock Trooper a dodge boost if they moved in the last turn, encouraging constant movement.
    Flame Burst is the FireStarter’s basic attack, attacking in a short line. This attack will not set fire to terrain, but it does have a chance to burn and disorient targets. 2 turn cooldown.

    Corporal: Penetrating Burst and Preparedness
    Penetrating Burst is a SMG attack along a straight line, allowing the Shock Trooper to hit multiple enemies and enemies out of line of sight. Consumes 2 ammo, and has a 3 turn cooldown.
    Preparedness is a passive survivability boost, increasing health and stun resistance, and granting a point of armour.

    Sergeant: Adrenaline and Room Clearer
    Adrenaline provides a 1hp heal and a boost of 10 to dodge, crit and aim to the Shock Trooper. It is a free action with a 3 turn cooldown.
    Room Clearer is a more advanced attack with the FireStarter, affecting a short cone and adding a chance to panic targets. 3 turn cooldown.

    Lieutenant: Take Them Down and Spray and Prey (Its a bad pun not a typo)
    Take Them Down marks a target as a free action, increasing critical chance against them by 5% and increasing critical damage they take by 2. The debuff lasts for 2 turns and the ability has a 3 turn cooldown.
    Spray and Prey is an SMG attack that hits all enemies in a short but wide cone. consumes 2 ammo, and has a 3 turn cooldown.

    Captain: Walk It Off and Tackle
    Walk It Off allows the Shock Trooper to avoid death once per mission, instead healing to 2 hp.
    Tackle is a dashing melee attack that deals no damage but stuns the target for a turn. Even if the Shock Trooper dashes to the target, Tackle will not end the turn and consume only one action point. Has a 3 turn cooldown.

    Major: Focused Aim and Napalm Canisters
    Focused Aim passively increases the damage an SMG inflicts on a critical hit by 3 (configurable in the .ini), and gives an aim boost with the SMG of 5.
    Napalm Canisters make the Shock Trooper immune to fire, and also add 2 critical damage to the FireStarter. Without Napalm Canisters, the FireStarter can crit, but will do no additional damage. This additional damage is also applied to the burn damage if a target is inflicted with burning on a critical hit.

    Colonel: Bullet Time and Set The World On Fire
    Bullet Time allows the Shock Trooper to fire their SMG at all visible enemies in one action. Uses 3 ammo, and has a 4 turn cooldown.
    Set The World On Fire sprays the FireStarter in a large and wide cone, with an increased chance to disorient, burn and panic targets over Room Clearer. 4 turn cooldown.

    GTS Perk - Tactical Advantage - gives a +15% critical chance on all flanking attacks.
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