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XCOM 2 "WC Lich King (Hero Class Mod)"

Описание и инструкции

Мод добавляет в игру новый класс "Lich King".
Класс довольно имбалансный и создан скорее "for fun".

The Lich King (Hero Class)
He starts with following skills on squaddie:
T0: Teleport (basic)
T0: LightningHands (basic but works with primary weapon)
T0: GateKeeperOpen/Close (basic) Open= activates use of ulti skill (if max ranked and perk is choosen) Closed= adds 3 armor and defense.
T0: Retract (basic) when dmg taken automaticly closes shell
T0:Immunitys (basic) The LichKing is immun against all status ailments (mental, acid,burn and poison)
T0: Acid Trail (alien skill) The Lichking taints the ground be simply walking over it leaving a deadly trail behind
(CAREFULL: if you got a hostage/VIP to rescue you might consider using teleport more often to NOT block the hostages/VIPs movement)
T0: Mindspin (alien skill) The Lichking can mess with his enemys minds.
T0: PsiReanimation (alien skill) The LichKing can reanimate fallen enemys to fight under his controle

Quit an Arsenal for a Squaddie but wait thats the start only there s more:
T1::"CHRYSSALID SLASH"(alien skill) Does weapon dmg+4-6 and inflicts CHRYSSALID POISON with all benefits:dot on enemy and if he dies while dotted a cocoon spawns (and yes both cocoon and spawning Chryssalids are under your full controle) The Nerubian Army is under your command !
THIS SKILL is directly defining Arthas as sword using melee!
T2:"GetOverHere" (alien skill) Pulls an enemy to your current location, does not end turn, proccs bladestorm on enemys (if perk is purchased)
T3: "Implacable" (basic)
T4: "BLADESTORM" (basic)
T5: "UNTOCUHABLE" (basic)
T6: "ANIMACONSUME" (alien skill) must enter offensive stance (gatekeeper open) and be in melee range. HIGH dmg sword attack wich drains life of living targets (50% dealt dmg) and revives any slain living enemy as PsiZombie.

As you can see Arthas is a Brutal Melee Unit with high survivability. Potential to have many minions under his controle aswell !
Right SKILL TREE (Ner'Zhul):
T1: "PsiMindControl" (alien skill) The Avatars superior version of dominate.
T2: "EnergyShieldMk3" (alien skill) shield works on all reanimated minions aswell
T3: "Domination" (basic)
T4: "PsiBomb" (alien skill) Delayed AOE dmg wich directly disables enemys weapons
T5: "VOIDRIFT" (basic)
T6: "Gateway" (alien skill) must be executed in offensive stance (GateKeeper Open) DOes high amoount of dmg on big AOE attack. Any Humanoid killed will be revived as a PsiZombie.


1. Распаковать в \XCOM 2\XComGame\Mods\
2. Отредактировать файл: \XCOM 2\XComGame\Config\DefaultModOptions.ini
3. Добавить в конец файла запись вида: ActiveMods="My XCOM2 Mod LICHKING"

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