Baldur's Gate

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Baldur's Gate Tales of the Sword Coast: Walkthrough (English)


* Introduction *


This is a complete walkthrough for Baldur's Gate and the Tales of the Sword

Coast expansion pack. Baldur's Gate is a role-playing game developed by Black

Isle Studios and published by Interplay.

The walkthrough is divided up by area. Most areas are (relatively) self-

contained and can be visited in any order, but I've put them in an order for

the walkthrough. Feel free to deviate and do things in your own order. Areas

from the expansion pack are labeled with an "*" symbol. If you've already

played Baldur's Gate and are only interested in the expansion pack areas, the

walkthroughs for those areas can be found in Chapter 5.

Also, in a few areas you can find objects lying on the ground. For those

areas I've listed the location of the object as an (x,y) coordinate. You can

see your current coordinate in an area by pressing the "L" key. The "L" key

also shows the identification number (ARXXXX) for the area you're in.

Disclaimer: I provide no guarantees here. This is a walkthrough I developed

while playing the game twice using version 1.3.5512 and the default difficulty



* Prologue *


* ------------------- *

* Candlekeep (AR2600) *

* ------------------- *

You start out south of the Candlekeep Inn. Immediately head inside and talk

to Winthrop the proprietor. It doesn't matter what you say to him. You start

out with some gold, so go ahead and buy some body armor and a helmet (if you

can). Your staff isn't a terrible weapon, and you can use that for a while.

Then talk to Firebead Elvenhair, who is standing next to the fire. He'll give

you a quest -- to return the identify scroll he left with Tethtoril. Then

explore the rest of the inn. Depending on your strength and lock-picking

ability, you might be able to grab some extra gold and equipment. Just be

sure not to do any looting while people are watching. Sleeping people aren't


Then go back outside and head east. You'll see Phlydia, who recently

misplaced her copy of The History of Halruaa. Another quest! Keep walking

clockwise around the inner keep. Moo at the cows. Eventually you'll come to

a building called "Priest's Quarters." When you go inside, somebody named

Shank will talk to you and then attack you. He's not very powerful, and you

shouldn't have any problem killing him. Loot the corpse, explore the room for

other odds and ends to pick up, and then go back outside. Parda will talk to

you and recommend that you get moving.

Walk east and talk to Dreppin. He'll tell you where to find Phlydia's book.

Get the book and return it to Phlydia for 50 experience and a gem. Return to

Dreppin, and he'll tell you he needs a potion for his sick cow Nessa. A guard

named Hull has it.

Continue moving clockwise. There is a Temple of Oghma, but it isn't useful to

you. Eventually you'll come to a man named Jondalar who will give you some

battle training. All you have to do is land a blow against him or Erik (who

will help out) to end the session. Nearby is ``The Storehouse'' with Reevor

standing next to it. Inside are some rats, and Reevor will give you 5 gold

coins (and 50 experience) if you kill them. Also inside, in one of the

barrels, is a silver ring. Basic jewelry like the silver ring is only useful

for selling.

Move south and you'll find Hull at the main gate to the keep. It seems he had

a little trouble waking up this morning and went to his post without his

sword. His sword and the potion for Nessa are located in his chest in the

barracks building.

Continuing south will bring you to the Gatewarden. He'll tell you how you can

practice fighting with multiple companions with Obe the Illusionist.

Regardless of whether you want to practice or not, tell the warden you do.

Then the warden will stand by Obe's door. If you do decide to practice, wait

until after you return Hull's sword. The practice session will net you a

small amount of experience.

East of Obe's house is a hospital. If you talk to the Priest of Oghma, he'll

give you a healing potion. In a curtained off area is a bed and desk, and in

the desk is another potion -- provided you can unlock it. Be careful if you

try to steal the potion; the reader and priest will detect you sometimes even

when it doesn't seem they should be able to.

To the west is a bunkhouse, and inside is another attacker, this one named

Carbos. Outside the bunkhouse is a box with 15 gold coins inside. Once you

kill the assassin and return outside, Karan will greet you and also recommend

you get moving.

West of the bunkhouse is the barracks. Inside the barracks is a guard named

Fuller. If you ask him about errands, he'll tell you to buy him some crossbow

bolts from Winthrop at the Candlekeep Inn. In the northeast corner of the

barracks is Hull's bunk, and in the chest at its foot are his sword and the

potion for Dreppin. When you bring the sword to Hull, he'll give you 20 gold

coins (and 50 experience). When you return the potion to Dreppin, you'll get

50 more experience.

Now explore the middle part of the keep where the library is located. Imoen

will greet you, and it doesn't matter what you say back. If you run into

Gorion, tell him you need a little more time. Somewhere wandering around is

Tethtoril, and he'll give you Elvenhair's scroll if you talk to him.

Return to the Candlekeep Inn and give the identify scroll to Elvenhair. When

you do, he'll give you a potion of healing (and 50 experience). Then buy some

crossbow bolts for Fuller. When you deliver the bolts, Fuller will give you

10 gold coins (and 50 experience). Directly across from the barracks is a

barrel with some gold inside. Head back to the Candlekeep Inn, sell

everything you don't need, and buy provisions. Even if you don't plan to use

a bow yourself, you'll need some arrows shortly, so buy some.

Then head back to Gorion and tell him you're ready to start your grand


Who's where?


Dreppin: northern area

Erik: eastern area

Firebead Elvenhair: Candlekeep Inn

Fuller: barracks

Gorion: library steps

Hull: by main gate

Imoen: east of library

Jondalar: eastern area

Reevor: next to the storehouse

Tethtoril: outside library

Winthrop: Candlekeep Inn


* Chapter 1 *


Watch Gorion get killed, but remember that the "Armored Figure" can be hit by

magic missile attacks. That bit of information will be useful later.

* --------------------------- *

* East of Candlekeep (AR2700) *

* --------------------------- *

Imoen will join you. She's a reasonably good thief, and you need all the help

you can get right now. If you bought extra arrows, give her some. She has

some healing potions, and you should split those up between the two of you.

She also has a wand of magic missiles, which you should put in one of her

quick item slots.

Head north to where Gorion got killed. Be careful to stay away from bears.

If a wolf attacks, you and Imoen should be able to handle it. If things look

dicey, have Imoen use her wand. On Gorion's body is a letter from Elminster.

If you haven't figured out that you should head to the Friendly Arm yet, the

letter should make it clear. Also pick up the items from the two ogres Gorion


Explore the rest of the area. On the coast north of the path to Candlekeep is

a man named Chase. It doesn't matter what you say to him but "OK" seems to be

the best choice. In a tree at location (4419, 1955) you can find a diamond.

Lastly, if you walk along the road at the southern edge of the area, you'll

run into Kolssed. He'll mention that he just saw two people. Those two

people are Montaron and Zxar. They are located farther along the road. When

you find them, they will give you a healing potion and ask for your assistance

in travelling to Nashkel. As with Imoen, there's no reason not to let them

join your group.

Who's where?


Chase: along western coastline

Kelssed: on road near southeast corner

Montaron: on road on eastern edge

Zxar: on road on eastern edge

* ------------------- *

* Crossroads (AR2800) *

* ------------------- *

Talk with Elminster and then explore the area. There isn't too much of

interest around. Along the road at the northern edge of the map, you'll meet

Aoln. He'll tell you to be wary of wolves and gibberlings in the area and

that an ogre mage is the most fearsome creature he's seen.

In the eastern part of the area, south of a ridge, is an ogre. He's probably

too tough for you at this point, so if you see him, run away but remember his

location. He's part of a quest, and you'll need to kill him later. If you

want to try and kill him now, have as many characters as possible equip ranged

weapons (Imoen should use her wand so somebody else can use her bow), and have

one character act as bait. Have the bait run around and try to get the ogre

to chase it while everybody else attacks. Once you kill it, either now or

later, you'll get two girdles (one cursed and one for a quest), a scroll, and

a mace.

On a rock, at location (1004, 1115), is a ring of protection +1. On the road

at the southern edge of the map you'll run into Andout who will inform you

that Beregost is being garrisoned. Nearby you'll find Jase who will let you

know there are bandits in the area. North of Jase is an overturned wagon, and

by the wagon is a barrel with gold inside.

When you're ready to leave, exit the area to the north.

Who's where?


Andout: southern part of map, near road

Aoln: northern part of map, near road

Jase: southern part of map, near road

* ------------------------- *

* Friendly Arm Inn (AR2300) *

* ------------------------- *

The inn is located in a former fortress with high walls and a single gate on

the southern side. Before going inside the fortress, explore the grounds

outside. Located at (2553, 3757) is a ring of wizardry (provided you have the

"right" version of the game). Also, following the road, you will come across

three groups of hobgoblins. The middle group (northwest of the Friendly Arm)

will have a hobgoblin wearing green instead of the standard red. That

hobgoblin is carrying Joia's Firedance ring, and you need it for a quest. The

other hobgoblins have bastard swords (which are better than long swords, if

that's what you have now), leather armor, helmets, and gold or trinkets. Once

the road is clear, head inside the fortress.

Inside the walls, just to the west of the drawbridge entrance, is a home. It

belongs to Joia, and she wants her ring back. When you give it to her, you'll

receive 400 points of experience and a point of reputation. She'll also leave

the home at that point, allowing you to do some search and seizure. Inside

one of the chests is some gold and a gem.

Talk to some of the commoners. You'll learn that there have been recent

problems with bandits and iron. To the east is the Temple of Wisdom. You can

get healing and antidote potions there, but you probably can't afford them

yet. You can also identify items there.

When you approach the staircase leading up to the inn, an assassin will attack

you. This one is named Tarnesh, and he is much more difficult than the two

you faced in Candlekeep. Luckily, the guards will help you out, so when you

hear him say "Hi, friend" head in their direction. Between the guards and

your party, you should be able to finish him off reasonably easily. On his

body you'll find some scrolls and a letter. The letter indicates that

somebody has put a bounty on your head.

The inn is made up of three levels. When you enter the inn (first level),

you'll meet Jopi. His uncle is named Ragefast, and you'll meet him later in

Baldur's Gate. Also on the first level is Whelp, a drunk who provides some

entertaining dialogue. In the western corner are Khalid and Jaheira, the two

people Gorion wanted you to meet. Go ahead and have them join your party, but

realize that Khalid and Imoen are good, Jaheira is neutral, and Zxar and

Montaron are evil. Eventually, somebody is going to have to go.

Bentley Mirrorshade runs the bar and shop on the first level of the inn. You

can sell to him most of the things you have been picking up, and you can also

buy useful things like more arrows and a large shield +1 (although probably

later). He also has for sale two books, the History of the Fateful Coin and

the History of the Unicorn Run. Go ahead and buy them; you'll need them


On the second level is Unshey. He'll tell you that he lost his belt of

piercing to an ogre south of the Friendly Inn. That ogre should sound

familiar. When you give the belt back to him, he'll give you a measly 10

gold coins (plus 800 experience points). The belt is actually useful (+3 AC

bonus against piercing weapons), so you might want to keep it instead. Or,

you can give the girdle to Unshey and then kill him to get it back. It's not

possible to steal it from him. If you choose to kill him, it'll cost you 5

reputation points. Also, in the southern-most room on the second level, you

can pick open a chest with a healing potion and gold in it.

On the third level of the inn is a nobleman who will mistake you for the

laundry service and give you some golden pantaloons. The pantaloons aren't

useful, but if you give them back to the nobleman you'll receive 100

experience points. (Note: You can use the pantaloons in Baldur's Gate 2, so

you might want to keep them if you plan to export your character to that


Also on the third level, in the common area, is Landrin. She lives in

Beregost and has a problem with spiders in her house. If your charisma is

high enough, she'll give you 6 antidote potions to help you in clearing her

house. Eventually you'll need to bring her back a spider body, her husband's

boots, and a bottle of wine.

It seems that every NPC you add to your group wants to go to Nashkel, so

that's the direction you should head next. However, you should leave the

current area to the north. That will add a new location to your map, and you

can still travel to the south.

Who's where?


Bentley Mirrorshade: first level of the inn, behind bar

Genna Mirrorshade: Temple of Wisdom

Jaheira: first level of the inn, western side

Khalid: first level of the inn, western side

Landrin: third level of the inn, common area

Unshey: second level of the inn, east side

Whelp: first level of the inn

* ----------------- *

* Beregost (AR3300) *

* ----------------- *

When you enter the area, Golin Vend will greet you and give you information

about the town. If you've read Volo's Guide to Baldur's Gate, then Golin

won't tell you anything you don't already know. Commoners will also tell you

more about the iron shortage and bandit problems, plus mention other topics of

note such as the Ulcaster School, the Firewine Bridge, and Bassilus.

Directly south of where you enter the area is a group of four residences. You

can do some pilfering here if you want. In the most western house (the one

with the boy waiting for the Greycarts) is a chest with 96 gold pieces in it.

You can steal the gold with the boy watching and not face any repercussions.

There is also a bag on the ground next to the most southern house, and it has

a small amount of gold in it.

In the group of buildings to the south you will find Kagain, an evil fighter

and owner of an escort business. If your party is evil or neutral, then

Kagain is a good choice for the front ranks. In the back room of his shop is

a crate with some gold in it. You can also do some minor looting in the other


South of Kagain's shop is the Feldepost Inn. When you enter, a man named

Marl, who doesn't like adventurers very much, will approach you. If you


-- "No need to get bent out of shape."

-- "I just do what I think is right."

-- "Hold on!"

-- "If you knew him like you think..."

-- "The Realms call..."

... then you'll gain 900 experience and Marl will go away. If you answer

anything else, you'll have to fight him, and he's only worth 650 experience.

Also on the first level is the bartender, who has a few magical items for

sale. Visit him again when you have more gold. On the second level is an

unfriendly man named Algernon. He's holding a cloak of charisma +2, which you

can steal.

East of the Feldepost Inn is a large monument. During the day the town crier

will be standing there, and he'll tell you about a reward for the killing of

the cleric Bassilus. South of the monument is another group of buildings. In

a home on the western side is Firebead Elvenhair (who you previously met in

Candlekeep), and he's looking for a copy of the History of the Fateful Coin.

You should have a copy of that from the Friendly Arm Inn, and when you give it

to him he will reward you with a copy of the History of the Dead Three (plus

300 points of experience and a point of reputation).

In the southeast corner of this block of buildings is the Jovial Juggler Inn,

and to the west of that is Landrin's house with the spider problem. Don't try

to clear Landrin's house until you have purchased some antidote potions, which

you can find in the temple east of town. There are four huge spiders in the

house, and if the battle becomes difficult, you can always leave, rest, and

then return to the house until the spiders are all dead. Remember to pick up

all three items that Landrin wants (boots, spider body, wine).

Inside the Jovial Juggler, you'll meet Bjornin, who wants you to kill some

half-ogres to the southwest, and Gurke, who lost his cloak to some tasloi in

the Cloakwood Forest. Upstairs is Oogie Wisham, who thinks Bjornin is out to

get him. Oogie needs some medication.

In the block of buildings north of the monument are three homes, the Red Sheaf

Inn, and the Burning Wizard Inn. Outside the Burning Wizard is Garrick, who

will offer your party a job acting as bodyguards for Silke the thespian. If

you agree to the job, Garrick will lead you to the Red Sheaf Inn where Silke

is waiting. Silke is a bad, bad girl and she'll try to get you to kill some

innocent merchants. If you're feeling evil yourself, you can kill the

merchants (15 experience points each), loot their potions of defense, and get

a 300 or 400 gold piece reward from Silke. However, you'll lose 2 points of

reputation and Garrick will not offer to join your group. If you take the

side of the merchants, you'll have to face Silke, who is a mage. She can cast

lightning bolt, so you need to kill her quickly. Let loose with the best

spells you have. You'll get 900 experience for killing her, and she's

carrying a quarter staff +1 plus the 400 coins she would have paid you if you

had killed the merchants. Also, if you talk to the merchants, they'll give

you a potion of defense, and if you talk to Garrick, he'll offer to join you.

Inside the Burning Wizard you'll meet Zhurlong, who lost his boots of stealth

to a tribe of hobgoblins. Every time you talk to him, he'll steal some gold

from you (but give it back later), so only talk to him once. Upstairs you

will meet Spen Gil'meh who will tell you a little about Beregost and the

Firewine Bridge. It's a good idea to spend the night here so you can memorize

spells after your bout with Silke.

When you enter the Red Sheaf Inn, you'll be attacked by Karlat, yet another

assassin ready to do you in. He's a tough fighter, and you should once again

hit him with everything you have. He's worth 270 experience points and has a

bounty notice plus some other items on him. The bounty notices aren't useful

in any way, although it's fun to watch the bounty price go up. You can get

rid of the notices at any time.

Also on the first level is Perdue. If you answer...

-- "A dog's head?"

-- "Oh, a gnoll!"

-- "Never liked them myself."

-- "You've got yourself a deal."

... then Perdue will give you a quest to retrieve his lost short sword. It's

being held by some gnolls in the High Hedge area to the west of Beregost.

(Well, hey, 50 gold coins is 50 gold coins.) Upstairs is Raleo Windspear, who

like Spen Gil'meh, can give you some background information.

East of the Red Sheaf Inn is yet another block of buildings. The home in the

northeast corner belongs to Mirianne, and, if you talk to her, you'll learn

that she's awaiting word from her husband. The shop in the southeast corner

is the Thunder Hammer Smithy. Here Taerom Fuiruim will buy most items, and he

has some magical items for sale as well. Late at night the smithy will be

empty, and you can steal a bastard sword +1 from one of the chests inside

(provided your lock-picking ability is good).

The house in the northeastern part of town belongs to Gerard Travenhurst, a

member of the town council. Upstairs, in one of the bedrooms, is some good

loot, including a wand of lightning and a potion of healing.

When you're ready to move on, sell what you can, buy what you can, and then

stay at an inn to memorize spells. Then leave the area to the south.

Who's where?


Alain: middle house

Algernon: second level of Feldepost Inn

Bjornin: first level of Jovial Juggler Inn

Dunkin: first level of Feldepost Inn

Firebead Elvenhair: southern house

Garrick: outside Burning Wizard Inn

Golin Vend: outside, northern edge of map, on road

Gerard Travenhurst: northeastern house

Gurke: first level of Jovial Juggler Inn

Karlat: first level of Red Sheaf Inn

Marl: first level of Feldepost Inn

Mirianne: eastern house

Mr. Colquetle: southern house

Oogie Wisham: second level of Jovial Juggler Inn

Perdue: first level of Red Sheaf Inn

Raleo Windspear: second level of Red Sheaf Inn

Silke: outside Red Sheaf Inn

Spen Gil'meh: second level of Burning Wizard Inn

Taerom Fuiruim: Thunder Hammer Smithy

Zhurlong: first level of Burning Wizard Inn

* ---------------------------------------------------- *

* Forest South of Beregost / North of Nashkel (AR3800) *

* ---------------------------------------------------- *

South of where you start the area is Shelligh, a little boy out picking fruit.

He's just reinforcement that people are having a hard time right now.

Continuing south along the road will bring you to an ogrillon. It is carrying

a letter from Roe to Mirianne, and you can give it to Mirianne later. Try to

hit the ogrillon with ranged weapons. It only uses its fists, but a single

punch or two can kill your characters.

If you follow the road all the way to the southern edge of the map, you'll

run into another ogrillon, which you should kill in the same way as the last

one, and a Flaming Fist mercenary. The mercenary will mistake you for

bandits, which is fine. Challenge him to a fight. He's carrying plate mail

and a cool plumed helmet, and you can kill him without losing a reputation


Near the middle of the map, you'll run into a group of three hobgoblins, two

wearing red and one wearing green. The one in green will have Zhurlong's

boots of stealth. Near the hobgoblins is a cave, and inside the cave will be

5 potions of healing and some gold. Northwest of the cave is Bub Snikt, who

can give you some background information if you ask for it.

Scattered around the remainder of the area, you'll find some more hobgoblins

and some gibberlings. You should be able to kill them all pretty easily.

There might also be a ghoul or two around, and you should be a little careful

with them since they can paralyze your party members.

After you've explored the area, continue south towards Nashkel.

Who's where?


Bub Snikt: western side of map

Shelligh: north edge, near road

* --------------------------------------------------- *

* Hills South of Beregost / North of Nashkel (AR4300) *

* --------------------------------------------------- *

If you follow the road, it will turn towards the west, and eventually it will

pass a hobgoblin camp. There are six hobgoblins there, two with bows. If you

advance slowly and attack the nearest hobgoblin with ranged weapons, it will

charge you, and you might be able to take out the entire group only fighting

one or two at a time.

There isn't much to the rest of the area. Lord Foreshadow can be found in the

southwestern corner of the map, on the road. He'll insult your attire.

Portalbendarwinden (say that three times fast) is in the southeastern part of

the map. He'll insult your aura. The rest of the area has a variety of

hobgoblins, ghouls, kobolds, and bandits. If you kill any bandits, pick up

their scalps (eww), but don't sell them until you meet Officer Vai later in

the game.

When you've explored the area, rest to heal your characters and memorize

spells. You'll have a battle on your hands when you get to Nashkel.

Who's where?


Lord Foreshadow: southwestern corner

Portalbendarwinden: southeastern area, near a ridge


* Chapter 2 *


* ---------------- *

* Nashkel (AR4800) *

* ---------------- *

You'll find yourself just to the north of a bridge. Ignore the bridge and

head west and then head south along the western edge of the area. You'll come

to a farm and a field, and on the western side of the field at location (191,

2746) are a pearl and a set of ankheg plate mail. The ankheg plate has the

same armor bonus as full plate mail, but it is much lighter. On the down

side, it is enchanted, and so you can't use cloaks/rings of protection with

it. It's your best armor for now, so give it to your primary fighter. Later

give it either to your cleric or a weak fighter (such as Khalid).

Now head back to the bridge and cross it. Bardolan will confront you and tell

you to play nice while you're in town. He'll also mention Commander Brage.

That's a quest you'll get to later.

To the east is the Nashkel Inn. When you go inside, Neira will try to kill

you. She's assassin #5 if you're keeping track. She's also a spellcaster, so

let her have it with your best offensive spells. She's worth 650 experience

points, and she's carrying a helmet of infravision. The helmet isn't really

useful, but, like the Flaming Fist helmet, it's different from the standard

horned helmet, and so it's cool for that reason. The inn is otherwise boring,

except there is a small amount of gold in the rooms in the back.

Next to the Nashkel Inn is the Nashkel Store. Here you can sell most of the

stuff you've picked up in the last two areas. Be careful not to sell any of

the quest items. There isn't much to buy unless you need arrows or bullets.

By continuing down the road, you'll run into Berrun Ghastkill, the mayor of

Nashkel. He'll ask you to investigate the mines southeast of town. If you

hadn't heard yet, something is wrong with the ore the mines are producing.

East of the mayor is the Temple of Helm. Inside is Nalin, and he'll tell you

he might be able to help Commander Brage if you can bring him to the temple.

He'll also do the standard priest things. It's a good idea to make sure

everybody in your party has at least one antidote potion, so buy some potions

if you need to. In front of the temple is a graveyard, and you can amuse

yourself by reading the markers. If you read the one for "Mark D" Daer'Ragh

will confront you and tell you to leave the marker alone. If you click the

marker again, he'll return with several phoenix guards and kill you. (It's

possible to kill the phoenix guards later in the game when you're more

powerful, but it's not worthwhile to do so.)

Continuing down the road again you'll find Oublek, who will mistake you for a

bounty hunter named Greywolf. If you pretend to be Greywolf, you'll get 200

gold coins, but you won't be able to collect any bounties from Oublek later.

If you tell Oublek he's mistaken, you'll gain a point of reputation. If you

talk to Oublek again, he'll mention there are bounties for the return of

Commander Brage and the return of some emeralds stolen by an artist named


Farther down the road is the garrison, which isn't very interesting, and next

to the garrison is Minsc, who will join your party if you agree to rescue the

mage (invoker) Dynaheir. Minsc is a good companion, a ranger with 18/93

strength. He's also good aligned. If you're trying to keep your party

good/neutral, now is the time to get rid of Zxar and Montaron.

South of the garrison is the Belching Dragon Tavern, where you can meet Volo

himself (and not learn very much from him), and at the end of the road is a

(locked) home. Inside the home is a female commoner, who, if you ask about

the mines, will tell you that her husband is down there somewhere. The

husband, Joseph, wears a greenstone ring.

To the south, between the tavern and the home, is another bridge leading to

the farm area. On the bridge is Edwin, an evil conjurer. He wants help to

kill the "witch" Dynaheir. If you agree to help, he'll join your group.

Otherwise he'll leave, and you'll have to attack him the next time you see

him. You can have Minsc and Edwin in your group at the same time, but I'm not

sure what happens if they're still there when you get to Dynaheir.

When you cross the bridge, you'll find Noober, the most annoying creature in

the game. If you decide to wait him out (he'll say "What about now?" about 20

times) you'll get 400 experience points. If you decide you don't want to

wait, you can kill him for 15 experience points and not suffer a reputation


The area west of the river is devoted to farms and farmers, and there isn't

anything (else) interesting there. In the remaining area east of the river is

Manor House, but you won't find any farm animals there. Instead there are

some scrolls you can steal (first floor) and a woman named Samantha (second

floor). If you ask Samantha her name twice and then tell her she's pretty,

her boyfriend Jamie will jump out of the closet and attack, and Samantha will

run away. You won't lose any reputation for killing Jamie, but you will if

you kill anybody else in the house.

Before going any farther, it's a good idea to finish up some of the quests

you've completed but not yet been rewarded for. When you're done exploring

Nashkel, exit the area to the east and then select the Friendly Arm Inn. Give

Landrin the three items she wanted (click on her three times), and she'll give

you 295 gold coins (plus 800 experience points). Then leave the inn and exit

the area to the east, but select Beregost on the map.

In Beregost, go visit Mirianne and give her the letter from her husband Roe.

She will give you a ring of protection +1 (plus 300 experience points). Then

go to the Burning Wizard to visit Zhurlong and give him his boots of stealth.

He'll give you 100 gold coins plus whatever he stole from you before (plus 300

experience points). The boots are useful (+35% stealth) and you can kill

Zhurlong to get the boots back and gain 90 more experience points in the

process. Plus you won't lose any reputation points for the murder.

By this time your party will be tired from all the travel, so go ahead and

spend the night at the Burning Wizard. Then exit the area to the east.

Who's where?


Bardolan: by northern bridge

Berrun Ghastkill: on road next to Temple of Helm

Edwin: on southern bridge

Minsc (and Boo): next to garrison

Neira: Nashkel Inn

Noober: near southern bridge

Oublek: on road next to garrison

Volo: Belching Dragon Tavern

* ------------------------ *

* Beregost Temple (AR3400) *

* ------------------------ *

There are vampiric wolves in the eastern part of this area, and you don't want

to mess with them yet. Instead follow the path northeast and enter the Song

of the Morning Temple. Inside you'll meet Keldath Ormlyr, and from him you

should buy a stone to flesh scroll. After that go ahead and visit the

vestibule to the north and talk to Blane and Bram. Then stay on the western

side of the map and travel south, eventually leaving the area to the south.

Along the way you might run into Ashen, who is just there for color, and some

normal wolves / dogs, which you should be able to kill. Select the Nashkel

Carnival on the map screen.

Who's where?


Ashen: western side of map

Blane: vestibule

Bram: vestibule

Keldath Ormlyr: Song of the Morning Temple

* ------------------------- *

* Nashkel Carnival (AR4900) *

* ------------------------- *

The actual carnival is in the southern part of the area. In the northern part

are kobolds, which you should be able to dispatch easily.

On the western side of the carnival is the stage area. Not too many people

are watching the show, but if you want, you can ask The Great Gazib to do his

exploding ogre trick. If you ask three times, the exploding ogre (aka Oopah)

will decide he's had enough and attack your party. He's a tough opponent this

early in the game, but if you kill him you get 270 experience points, a mace,

and some other treasure object.

To the east of the stage are a boy and Lord Binky the Buffoon. North of those

two is a gambling tent. Save your game and then walk in. Vitiare, "master

thief and pickpocket extraordinaire," will walk up to you, steal 100 coins,

and then leave. However, if you target him right away and throw in a couple

spells, you should be able to kill and get your gold (plus more) back. You

won't lose any reputation points for the deed.

East of the gambling tent are three more tents. The northern (largest) one is

another gambling tent, and the southern one houses a potion dealer. Even if

you don't care about the potions, go ahead and buy them because you can sell

them for more later. The middle tent contains an evil wizard (Zordral) and a

damsel in distress (Bentha). If you answer...

-- "What's this all about?"

-- "Why don't we discuss this..."

-- "Come on..."

-- "Ok, that's it..."

... then Zordral will ignore Bentha and attack you. Otherwise he'll use his

magic word to kill Bentha and still attack you. If you want to be cold-

hearted, the best option is to let Zordral kill Bentha so you can get her

equipment as well as his. Zordral is a mage, and he'll cast mirror image on

himself and then horror on your party, so you want to kill him quickly before

your party starts running around in a panic. So let loose with everything you

have. If you still can't kill him, then you might want to wait and come back

later. Zordral is wearing a knave's robe, which isn't all that exciting a

prize, but he is worth 900 experience points. After the battle, tell Bentha

(if she's still alive) that the good deed was reward enough, and she'll give

you a potion of heroism.

East of Zordral's tent are three more tents. The northern one sells

potentially useful magical items while the southern two sell some standard

weapons. Farther east is a rectangular tent selling standard armor. Among

the tents is Zeke who will offer to sell you a stone to flesh scroll for 500

coins so you can rescue a stone maiden (Branwen). You should already have

such a scroll from when you visited Beregost's temple. Branwen is located to

the north, and when you free her she'll offer to join your group. She's a

neutral cleric, and she's useful to have around (if your only other healing

option is Jaheira). If you add her, she'll tell you that it was a man named

Tranzig who trapped her. You'll hear from Tranzig again.

On the far eastern side of the map is a lone tent. It contains a few people

intimate with "the black lotus" but there is nothing useful inside.

Once you're ready to move on, exit the area to the north but then select the

Nashkel mine area on the world map.

Who's where?


Branwen: eastern side of carnival

Bentha: small middle tent

Lord Binky the Buffoon: east of stage

The Great Gazib: on stage

Zeke: among the tents

Zordral: small middle tent

* ------------------------------- *

* Nashkel Mines, Outside (AR5400) *

* ------------------------------- *

Head west along the northern edge of the map. In the northwestern corner is

an old tree, and in the knot of the tree, at location (165, 178), is a wand of

frost. Retrace your steps to your starting position, and then circle around

the mine in a clockwise fashion until you hit the western edge of the map.

Head south from there and you will come across Prism, the artist who stole the

emeralds. Tell Prism you don't have anything to do with Greywolf, and then

agree to guard him while he finishes. Immediately thereafter Greywolf will

show up. Ask him to let Prism finish his work and he'll attack you. Greywolf

is a tough fighter, but he is worth 1400 experience points and he has a nice

sword on him -- Varscona, a long sword +2 with +1 cold damage. Once Greywolf

is dead, talk to Prism. Prism will kill himself, and you can pick up the

emeralds from his body. You will also receive 1000 experience points and a

point of reputation.

Still avoiding the mines, explore the rest of the map. You'll come across

some kobolds and wolves, which should be easy kills, and at the middle eastern

edge of the map you'll find a guard named Dandal. He'll tell you to talk to

Emerson about the mines. Also, in the middle southern part of the map is

Galtok. He's fleeing from a group of kobolds, and if you agree to help you'll

immediately have to fight four of them. Galtok disappears when the kobolds

arrive, so there is no prize for helping him.

Now head for the mines. Three guards block the mine entrance, and they won't

let you pass until you talk to Emerson. Emerson is southwest of the mine

entrance. Talk to him and then talk to the guards blocking the mine, and

finally they'll allow you to enter.

Who's where?


Dandal: middle eastern edge

Emerson: southwest of mine entrance

Galtok: middle southern area

Prism: middle western area

* --------------------------------------------------------------- *

* Nashkel Mines, Inside, (AR5401, AR5402, AR5403, AR5404, AR5405) *

* --------------------------------------------------------------- *

When you enter the mines, Gord will come over and tell you to talk to Ruffie.

Ruffie is just to the south. Between the two you'll learn there are "demons"

in the mines. In this case, another word for "demons" is "kobolds," so don't

get worried.

There isn't much to see on the first level of the mines. You can talk to

various miners who will paint an ugly picture of what has been going on. In

the southern half, a miner named Dink will approach you and ask you to return

a dagger to Kylee, who is on the second level. There are a couple of archer

kobolds around who shouldn't present a problem. There is also some ore in the

ore carts, but you shouldn't pick it up because it can contaminate your

weapons. The exit to the second level is down one of the southern shafts.

When you enter the second level, Beldin will come racing towards you screaming

about yipping demons. The demons are four archer kobolds, and they'll

immediately kill Beldin and then turn on you. They're still kobolds, yipping

or not, and you should be able to kill them easily. If you're getting low on

arrows, be sure to pick some up from the kobold corpses.

Level 2 is much like level 1, except there are more kobolds around. Kylee is

in the southwestern part of the mine, in a room with two Amnish soldiers.

When you give him back his dagger, you'll receive 200 experience points. Some

of the kobolds you find will have vials of "mysterious liquid." This is what

they're using to contaminate the ore. If you drink it, you'll become poisoned

and lose 2 hit points permanently. The exit to the third level is down a long

southern shaft on the eastern side of the mine.

The third level is more interesting. There are traps around, so have your

thief lead the party to find them. If your thief runs into a group of

creatures, have him / her run away back to the group, have the group kill the

creatures, and then continue on as before.

Next to the entrance is Joseph's ring, so pick it up so you can return it to

his wife later. To the east and west of the entrance you'll find shafts with

lots of kobold archers. Kobold archers are sort of annoying in large numbers,

and they don't have good experience or equipment, so feel free to skip those

parts of the level. Instead, head generally south until you come to a bridge

spanning a red glowing chasm. There are two traps on the bridge, so be ready

for them.

South of the bridge you'll find more kobold archers, ghouls, and a couple huge

spiders in a chamber at the southern edge of the map. The exit to the fourth

level is down a shaft east of the spider chamber. You'll know you're on the

right track when you run into some kobold commandos equipped with fire arrows.

Have your melee fighters charge the commandos so they can't use their bows,

and finish them off as quickly as possible. The exit to the fourth level is

guarded by three traps, so approach it cautiously.

There aren't any traps on the fourth level, so you don't have to worry about

that, but there are some more kobold commandos with fire arrows. They are

guarding the bridge to a circular island, and you'll come upon them almost

right away. Charge them again with your fighters so they can't use their

bows, and then kill the ghoul hiding on the opposite end of the island. The

majority of the island is taken up by a large rocky dome, and you should enter

that next. The door is right next to the bridge.

Inside the dome you'll find Mulahey, who is responsible for the mine's

problems. He'll mistake you for Tazok's minions, ordered to execute him, and,

if you play along, he'll mention letters he has in his chest. Then he'll turn

on you and call for help. The help is pretty wimpy (kobolds and skeletons)

but they'll come in behind you, exposing your spellcasters. The best strategy

seems to be to leave your best AC fighter behind your group. Then the help

will target that character and almost always miss while the rest of your party

can concentrate on Mulahey, who is a spellcaster. Keep hitting Mulahey with

spells and ranged weapons, and he won't be able to concentrate long enough to

complete any spells, and eventually he'll surrender. He's lying, though, so

don't accept. (If you do accept he'll conjure in more kobolds and skeletons.)

Once everything is dead, explore some more and you'll find Xan, a poor guy

Mulahey was keeping prisoner. He'll join your party if you want him to. He's

a neutral enchanter, but I prefer to use Minsc and Dynaheir, so I never use

him. Back in Mulahey's room, you can open his chest -- it's not even locked

-- and when you pick up his papers the chapter will end.

Who's where?


Beldin: level 2, near entrance

Cory: level 1: western side

Gord: level 1, near entrance

Lesley: level 1, western side

Mulahey: level 4, inside rocky dome

Ruffie: level 1, south of entrance

Xan: level 4, inside rocky dome


* Chapter 3 *


Reading Mulahey's letters, you'll find that Tazok is not especially happy with

how the ore-poisoning operation is going and that somebody named Tranzig is

one of Tazok's operatives. Tranzig is located at the Feldepost Inn in

Beregost, and you'll meet him later.

Between Mulahey and his chest, you should also pick up Mulahey's holy symbol,

which you need as proof that you've killed him, boots of grounding (+50%

electricity resistance), a ring of holiness (extra spells for clerics and

druids), and a mess of scrolls. When you've picked up everything you need and

have caught your breath, exit the area and then head north. Eventually you'll

come across some grey oozes, and beyond them is an exit to the surface. The

area the exit leads to is probably too difficult for your party at this point,

but feel free to take a look. It's a one-way exit, though, so save first. If

you're feeling more cautious, head back the way you came and exit the mine

surface area to the east, but click on Nashkel in the world map screen.

Back in Nashkel, give Joseph's ring to his wife (800 experience points),

collect the bounty on Prism (300 gold pieces, 200 experience points), and then

talk to Berrun Ghastkill to collect the reward for clearing the mines (one

reputation point, 900 gold pieces, 1000 experience points). Then save your

game and approach the Nashkel Inn. Assassin #6, Nimbul, will attack you, but

he'll talk a bit first and you can start attacking him while he's talking.

He's a spellcaster, but he should go down easily with the head start he gives

you. On his corpse you'll find a letter showing he was hired by Tranzig, plus

some magical items (ring of infravision, short sword +1, boots of avoidance).

Now you can go to the Nashkel Store and sell what you don't need and buy what

you do need, and then head to the inn for a rest.

* ----------------------------------------------- *

* Cloudpeak Mountains / South of Nashkel (AR5300) *

* ----------------------------------------------- *

In the northwestern part of the map is Albert who has lost his dog Rufie.

He'll give you Rufie's favorite chew toy so Rufie will recognize you as

friendly. Rufie is almost directly east from Albert, though about halfway

across the map. Once you find him, Rufie will follow you around, and all you

have to do is lead him back to Albert to finish the quest. Your reward?

1000 points of experience. (You can also kill Rufie for 1200 experience.)

Southwest of Rufie's location you'll meet a band of Amnish merchants: Sendai,

Alexander, and Delgod. They're a tough group, and if you're polite, they'll

go away peaceably (but you won't gain anything). Otherwise you'll have to

fight. Delgod is the spellcaster in the group, so target him first with your

spells and ranged attacks. If you still have the wand of lightning, this is a

good time to use it. Between the three merchants you'll get 1200 points of

experience, studded leather armor +2, and lots of arrows +1.

In the southeastern corner you'll find Larry, Darryl, and Darryl. They're a

reference to the Bob Newhart Show, and you can even get their autograph.

Near the center of the map are Vax and Zal, "the fastest dart thrower in the

west." Yes, this is a strange area. Anyway, Vax and Zal want your money, and

unless you want to oblige them, you'll have to fight. They're not very tough,

and once you close in on them with your fighters, they'll go down easily. You

get 1000 experience points for killing them, and on the bodies you'll find

about 150 gold, two potions of healing, and bracers of archery.

Scattered around the remaining parts of the map are xvarts, kobolds, and

skeletons. Plus, there is a hidden stash at location (1794, 412). Inside the

stash you can find scrolls of chromatic orb and cloudkill. You might also

find a winter wolf in the area. If so, close in on it quickly because it has

a nasty ranged frost attack. On its body you'll find its pelt, which you can

sell at the Nashkel Store for 500 gold pieces.

When you're read to move on, exit to the west.

Who's where?


Albert: northwestern area

Alexander: southwest of Rufie

Darryl (x2): southeastern corner

Delgod: southwest of Rufie

Larry: southeastern corner

Rufie: northeastern area, location (3786, 677)

Sendai: southwest of Rufie

* ------------------------------------ *

* Forest Southwest of Nashkel (AR5200) *

* ------------------------------------ *

Head west from where you start in the area and you'll meet the Dryad of the

Cloudpeaks. It seems two ruffians are intent on chopping down an ancient oak

tree, and she needs your help to stop them. Agree to help. The two ruffians,

Caldo and Krumm, are nearby, and when you announce you're not going to let

them harm the tree, they'll attack. They're wimps, so don't be worried.

They're also worth 350 experience points, and Krumm is carrying a girdle of

bluntness, which gives an armor class bonus against blunt weapons. Plus, when

you talk to the dryad again, she'll give you a healing potion, and you'll also

receive 500 experience points and a point of reputation.

Near the southern edge of the map is a waterfall, and if you click on the

waterfall you'll find a dead cat. Yay. At the top of the waterfall is

Drienne, and she'll tell you that her cat Pixie fell in the waterfall. Click

on her again, and she'll tell you that Pixie does this sort of thing a lot,

and that her dad will raise the cat from the dead. Plus, you'll receive 200

experience points, a point of reputation, and a scroll of protection from the


East of the waterfall is a cave guarded by a dire wolf. Inside the cave is a

halberd +1.

In the middle, northern part of the map is a group of four gnolls. They'll

demand you pay 50 gold coins in order to pass. Insult them and they'll attack

-- and then they'll die because they're gnolls. They seem to have better loot

than normal gnolls, with gold and some other random treasure object on their


On the western side of the map you'll meet Ingot (a gnoll) who will mention

that he's an outcast from the gnoll stronghold. He'll also mention that

there's a captive (Dynaheir) at the stronghold. Around the rest of the map

you'll find a scattering of wolves, gnolls, xvarts, and a couple more winter

wolves. When you're done exploring, exit the area to the west and select the

gnoll stronghold on the world map.

Who's where?


Caldo: next to old oak tree

Dryad of the Cloudpeaks: next to old oak tree

Ingot: western side

Krumm: next to old oak tree

* ------------------------- *

* Gnoll Stronghold (AR5100) *

* ------------------------- *

You start out next to a bridge. Cross the bridge and you'll discover Gnarl

and Hairtooth, the bridge guards. They'll let you pass for 200 gold coins,

they'll even let you pass for 100 gold coins, but you want their equipment, so

keep refusing their demands and then fight them. Hairtooth has gauntlets of

dexterity, which raise a character's dexterity to 18, so the fight is

definitely worth it, and it's not like Gnarl and Hairtooth are very difficult

opponents anyway.

Past the bridge, the path branches in three directions. There isn't anything

to the north other than some encounters with gnoll elites, to the west lies

the gnoll stronghold, and to the south lies some caves. Clear out the north

path first, and then enter the stronghold.

There will be several gnoll encounters. Travel up the stairs, fighting as

you go, and then take the narrow stairs leading north. There are two

prisoner pits on this level, and Dynaheir is in the eastern one. To get to

her you'll have to fight even more gnolls, including gnoll veterans and

finally the gnoll chieftain. When you reach Dynaheir, she'll offer to join

your group, and you'll need to add her if you want to keep Minsc around.

From there go ahead and explore the rest of the stronghold, killing

everything you see. Then make your way back down to the bridge.

Exploring the southern path from the bridge will reveal encounters with

xvarts and gnolls, and three caves in the area. One of the caves has a tome

of leadership and influence in it, and reading the tome will raise the

character's charisma by one point permanently. So let your leader read it.

The other caves won't have anything but encounters, although one of them will

introduce you to the carrion crawler.

Exit the area to the east and head back to Nashkel. At this point in the

game you can be attacked (aka ambushed) while traveling between map areas, so

make sure you're in reasonable shape before the trip. When you get to

Nashkel, head for the store and sell all of the loot you've accumulated, and

stock up on arrows and bullets. Rest up at the inn if you need to, and then

head west.

Who's where?


Dynaheir: eastern prisoner pit in stronghold

Gnarl: west side of bridge

Hairtooth: west side of bridge

* ------------------------------ *

* Hills West of Nashkel (AR4700) *

* ------------------------------ *

In the middle of the map is an xvart village. When you enter the village and

start fending off all the xvarts who attack you, Nexlit will come out and yell

at you for being mean. Then he'll call out the village's protector, Ursa the

cave bear. There isn't anything special about Ursa, and she should be easy to

kill. Northeast of the village is a cave with another cave bear in it. A

chest in the cave contains a flail +1 and bracers of defense AC 8.

Once you've killed all the xvarts in the village (or get bored killing them

because they regenerate so often), head west. You'll run into Borda, who is a

con man. Don't buy any of the potions or scrolls he is selling because they

are worthless. The rest of the map is pretty much empty, although you'll face

the occasional wolf or xvart. When you're done exploring, exit the area to

the west.

Who's where?


Borda: middle western area

Nexlit: xvart village

Ursa: xvart village

* ----------------------------------------- *

* Forest North of Gnoll Stronghold (AR4600) *

* ----------------------------------------- *

Assuming you entered the area on the eastern side, head south. You'll come

upon Jared next to a bridge. Jared is excited about a bear on the other side

of the bridge, and if you kill it for him he'll give you boots of the north

(+50% cold resistance) and you'll also receive 150 experience points. The

bear is a mountain bear, which is a little tougher than the bears you've faced

before, but it should still be no problem.

Then head back north along the eastern edge of the map until you come to a

rocky outcropping. Go west from there and you'll meet Neville, a robber. If

you give the third answer, Neville will take 55 gold and otherwise leave you

alone. If you give either of the other answers, Neville will attack you, and

five hobgoblin archers will jump out of the bushes to attack you as well.

Neville has a long sword +1 and a scroll of dispel magic, so this latter

option is the one you want. Concentrate on Neville and then worry about the

hobgoblins after he is dead. If any of the hobgoblins flee west, let them go.

Save your game and then head west.

To the west is another bridge, but this one is guarded by two ogre berserkers

and three hobgoblin elite archers with poison arrows. If you still have the

wand of lightning, you might be able to take out all three hobgoblins with one

shot because they're standing in a line on the bridge. If not, concentrate

your spells and ranged weapons on the hobgoblins while your fighters work on

the eastern ogre. The western ogre won't notice you until after you start

crossing the bridge, so rest/heal up before dealing with him.

Cross the bridge and then head west. You'll first meet Laurel, who actually

needs some help killing gibberlings. Go figure. When you agree to help, 12

gibberlings will appear, and after you kill them and talk to Laurel, you will

receive 250 experience points. Continuing west, you'll find a regular ogre

eating dinner by a fire. Talk to him twice to attack him.

In the remainder of the area, you'll find varieties of dogs, ogres, and

gibberlings. When you're done exploring, exit the area to the north.

Who's where?


Jared: by southern bridge

Laurel: west of northern bridge

Neville: east of northern bridge

* ----------------------------------------- *

* Hills West, Northwest of Nashkel (AR4100) *

* ----------------------------------------- *

From your starting position, head straight north. About halfway across the

map you should come to Charleston Nib and his group at an excavation site. Be

polite to him and agree to act as guards (for a fee) so his men can get some

work done. When Nib leaves, his partner Gallor will come over and try to

convince you to kill Nib so he can make a profit on the excavation project.

Play the Indiana Jones role and refuse. When Gallor leaves, walk over to Nib

and talk to him again, and you'll be transported inside the shaman's home that

Nib and his men have unearthed. The diggers will become possessed and attack

you, but they a